Open banking investment in your country
2020-07-23·5 min read

How open banking investment is hotting up — in your country

Tink’s series of local open banking reports lift the lid on the biggest open banking spenders in Europe, looking at who is expecting speedy returns on their investments, where innovation has boomed and whose spend has increased the most.

Open banking: from compliance challenge to commercial opportunity
2020-06-16·3 min read

Open banking: from compliance challenge to commercial opportunity

The financial services industry is on the verge of a monumental shift towards data-driven solutions. By going beyond compliance businesses can unlock new market opportunities and improve customer experiences at lower costs.

The investments and returns of open banking
2020-05-27·3 min read

The open banking investment boom across Europe

Open banking has taken the financial services industry by storm, with executives taking advantage of a new industry paradigm. But how is open banking investment shaping up across the continent? Here’s a spoiler - it’s massive, and growing.

Why European banks are investing in open banking
2020-05-20·3 min read

Why European banks are investing in open banking

We ventured once again into the minds of European bankers and found that financial institutions are making significant investments towards their open banking initiatives. But what’s driving them? Or what’s standing in the way?

Open banking attitudes and fintech partnerships
2020-04-23·4 min read

The growing positivity towards open banking in Europe

The first report based on our survey of 290 senior executives and decision makers in the financial industry across Europe is out. Find out what the results reveal about how bankers are tackling the open banking opportunity.

French flags on a building.
2019-12-16·2 min read

Rapport d’enquête Tink : dans la tête des banquiers français

A partir des résultats de l'étude menée par Tink à l’échelle européenne, nous avons examiné de plus près les réponses des banquiers en France.