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Account aggregation
Credit decisioning
Account check
Account aggregation
Credit decisioning
Account check




Current, Savings and Credit Card accounts
Loans & Mortgages*
Data categorisation
Background refresh
Multiple bank connections per user
Business accountsIncluded until Feb 28Included until Feb 28
User data storageSnapshotsPermanentPermanent
Price€0.3 per aggregation€0.5 per user per monthCustom
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* Only available in select markets. Check availability here.

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Frequently asked questions

What products does Tink provide?

Our offering consists of four products: account aggregation, payment initiation, data enrichment and personal finance management. They can all be implemented separately or together. For more information, click here.

What markets are covered by Tink’s services?

See the latest update of our market coverage and Tink Link locale here

What due diligence do you do on my company when we start using the Tink API?

Console users need to create an account and agree with Tink’s terms and conditions. We also verify your domain ownership. As companies scale, or when we work with bigger organisations, our due diligence is more extensive. Furthermore, our due diligence processes can be updated any time.

How does Tink access bank data?

We access PSD2 data through the banks' dedicated interfaces. But Tink also has the capability to access data that goes beyond the PSD2 scope and we do this the same way that the banks talk to their mobile apps.

Who can I reach out to for tech support?

Tink offers technical support through a support portal, where partners can file support requests. This is available on The requests supported will differ depending on your contract.

When is BAIS available?

Business AIS is currently available in Sweden, with a wider rollout planned, market by market, for 2021.

Can you tell me a bit more about the licence set-up? Do I need to register myself at the FCA?

Tink offers two licence set-ups. Partners can use Tink’s licence (issued by the Swedish FSA and passported across the EU) to get access to financial data. In this case, Tink will be the data owner and the end-users must accept Tink’s T&Cs. For partners with their own AISP licence, they can upload their eIDAS to be used. In this case, Tink is just a data processor.

Can I use data enrichment and categorisation on Tink's licence?

Yes, data enrichment and categorisation is available on Tink’s licence. Importantly, it’s up to the partner to check with the local regulator what they may do with the data if they do not have a AISP licence.

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