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Key data points

Access multiple real-time data points to make a more confident lending decision with Expense Check.

Active monthly category spend

Housing, loans, utilities, groceries, transport, childcare, insurances, healthcare, subscriptions and more.

Loan payments and other flows

Credit card, loan payments, regular and irregular transfers to external banks.

Savings and investments

Regular and irregular transfers to investment platforms and savings accounts.

Discretionary spending

Transactions outside of key categories are identified.

How can Expense Check 
help you?

Assess affordability and stay compliant

Tink’s solutions with value-added intelligence on top of open banking data help lenders understand an applicant’s budget and comply with local requirements.

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Get better insight on customer affordability

A seamless way of determining a customer's risk exposure at the time of application and gain a clear understanding of their financials.

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Gain confidence on marginal approvals

Tink offers a granular way of determining the applicant's income, expense and risk behaviour highlighting their risk exposure and affordability.

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Set up an account to start exploring Tink’s Risk products with simulated data, cutting out the need for real bank credentials.

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Introduction to Expense Check
Introduction to Expense Check

Expense Check allows you to assess client affordability in minutes. We offer a standardized JSON report with data that's fetched in real time.

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Fetch your first Expense Check report
Fetch your first Expense Check report

Get started with Expense Check by fetching end-user expenses.

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Test different Expense Check scenarios
Test different Expense Check scenarios

Test your integration without using real bank credentials.

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We’re always looking to improve and expand our services. If you’d like to use this product outside of our current coverage please contact us.

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