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Get business customers live faster with instant account verification built into your onboarding flow.

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This is Business Account Check

Onboard customers fast and increase customer visibility with accurate account data delivered in seconds.

<1 minute

Less than a minute to validate bank account ownership

Accurate: 100%

Build in 100% accuracy and remove risk

Easy: 4 weeks to live

Just 4 weeks to get up and running


Connections to all major banks across Europe

Proven: 20% uplift

Onboarding conversion uplift seen by PayPal after integrating

How can Business Account Check help you?

From setting up payments in your customer sign-up journey to securing your customer log-in, Account Check helps increase accuracy and enhance UX with instant, frictionless verification.

Streamline customer set-up

Add instant verification to a Direct Debit or payout onboarding journey.

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Enhance bank direct debits

Fast, accurate and secure, instantly verify accounts before payment.

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Know-your-customer faster

Verify customer applications in seconds.

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Error-free payouts

Check payment details in an instant.

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For industry leaders

“Tink was the obvious choice as a scalable and reliable partner to help make our product experience as simple and as user-friendly as possible.”

Tim Öhman Cirillo

COO at Billogram

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“By teaming up with Tink, we aim to give Lydia’s users the best possible experience and allow them to easily manage their financial daily lives within our app.”

Cyril Chiche

co-founder and CEO of Lydia

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“At Tradera, we always aim to make the user experience as simple and friction-free as possible for our customers. For that reason, our partnership with Tink was a perfect fit for us.”

Stefan Öberg

CEO at Tradera

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Connections to all major banks across Europe


countries across Europe

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Easy-to-follow guides, API reference and sample projects

Introduction to Business Account Check

Introduction to Business Account Check

Business Account Check let’s you easily build smart and intuitive services that make finance management a more engaging experience for your users.

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Follow this step-by-step guide to fetch your first report.

Fetch your first Business Account Check report

Follow this step-by-step guide to fetch your first report.

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Test different Business Account Check scenarios

Test different Business Account Check scenarios

Test your integration by using demo credentials.

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Market coverage

When will my country be covered?
We’re always looking to improve and expand our services. If you’d like to use this product outside of our current coverage please contact us.

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