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Open banking enables a broad range of use cases, bringing benefits for all sorts of businesses. Discover the different ways Tink can power your ideas.

Solutions by use cases

Dive in to our different use cases to find out how open banking can help your business grow.

Customer onboarding

Connect and verify consumer or business accounts instantly. Maximise conversion and minimise risk with automated onboarding.

Account top-ups

Build frictionless payment experiences with instant account and digital wallet top-ups.

Invoice settlement

Unlock a seamless invoice process with account to account payments and save time by streamlining your payment operations.


Add instant bank payments for any checkout. Streamline your checkout flow to improve conversion and reduce fraud and chargebacks.

Income & affordability assessment

Upgrade your application process and build a solid customer portfolio via optimised affordability assessment. Verify customer financial data instantly to avoid delays.

Risk decisioning

Determine a customer's risk exposure at the time of application and gain understanding of their financials. Improve financial inclusion with deeper knowledge.

Consumer engagement

Provide valuable financial tools through your PFM app. Interact with customers, increase consumer engagement and boost loyalty.

Solutions by industry

Discover the different ways banks, lenders and payments players can leverage open banking data to improve processes – and results.


Upgrade your digital banking offering to attract and engage customers, and increase business efficiency by leveraging open banking data.


Make faster, and better informed credit decisions based on real-time bank data, and deeper understanding into your customers’ financial behaviour.


Discover how open banking can bring value to each step of the payments journey. Accept low-cost bank payments with customisable, high-performing flows.

Solutions by business type

From DIY development to dedicated support, find out more about how businesses at different stages can benefit from Tink's platform.


Use Tink’s platform and ready-to-go-products to quickly start building solutions that bring instant value to your customers – and your business.


Deliver seamless user experiences and game-changing results powered by financial data. Get proven solutions and tangible insights with Tink.