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Get a deeper understanding of your customers’ finances with 
Risk Insights.

Gambling vs income

Track the income spent on gambling over 1 week - 12 months


View the total amount of loans, repayments and repayment to loan ratio up to 12 months.


See number of days in overdraft, total transactions with (-) balance and more.


Review the number of payments & the sum of payments made to collection agencies.

How can Risk Insights help you?

Seamless and accurate risk decisioning

A seamless way of determining a customer's risk exposure at the time of application and gain a clear understanding of their financials.

Gain confidence on marginal approvals

Tink offers a granular way of determining the applicant's income, expense and risk behaviour highlighting their risk exposure and affordability.

Risk Insights in numbers


Higher GINI score


Reduction in credit loss


Model uplift compared to bureaus

Meet the Tink platform

An ever-expanding suite of tools, SDKs, resources and guides developers use to build great products.

Tink API

One integration connects you to


Connections to all major banks across Europe


countries across Europe

Tink API

Tink Console - your open banking control panel

Easily tap into the world of open banking with the Tink Console – an intuitive developer interface that lets you access financial data and configure, customise, and manage your applications.

‘Best Developer Dashboard’

DevPortal awarded Tink as ‘Best Developer Dashboard’ for providing a great developer experience. 

Setup and configuration

Configure, customise, manage, and deploy access to the financial data powering your apps.

Usage reports

Get real-time usage and performance reports without the need for a third-party solution.

Team roles

Give the right level of access to team members within your organisation.

What does connecting to banks really mean?

Explore the full range of products through Tink Console, using test bank data for the complete testing experience. Dive into guides, resources and sample projects below to help you get up and running with your account.


Easy-to-follow guides, API reference and sample projects

Introduction to Risk Insights
Introduction to Risk Insights

Risk Insights lets you perform end-user’s risk assessments directly from their bank transactions through an API.

Perform your first risk assessment
Perform your first risk assessment

This article will help you get started with Tink’s Risk Insights product by fetching the bank transactions of an end-user in JSON format.

Test your integration
Test your integration

Validate your information with error cases and market-specific data.

Market coverage

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When will my country be covered?We’re always looking to improve and expand our services. If you’d like to use this product outside of our current coverage please contact us.

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