Building the future
of finance

Tink was founded in Stockholm 2012 by Daniel Kjellén (CEO) & Fredrik Hedberg (CTO) with the mission of bringing people financial happiness. After five years, 1,834 deploys, several ground-breaking product launches and 500,000 Tink app users later, we are as passionate as ever to improve people’s financial lives. We’re building the future of finance, where money works. Our goal is to help people understand their money completely, empower them to make smarter choices and ultimately, continue to bring financial happiness.

Our founders


Daniel Kjellén

Fredrik Hedberg_Tink_2.jpg

Fredrik Hedberg

Launching the
Tink app

Our direct-to-consumer app was launched in October 2013 and enjoyed immediate success. Currently live in Sweden, the app lets users manage their money across any account in any bank. This means they can transfer money, pay bills, save towards goals, borrow loans, and open new accounts. In addition, the Tink app lets users cherry-pick the best financial services out there, all within the app. We even automatically find better deals for mortgages and seamlessly refinance without the need to leave the app.


Our first bank

In 2016, we partnered with Dutch bank ABN AMRO and Swedish bank SEB. SEB integrated our technology into their mobile banking app, now the most popular channel for private customers in Sweden, with more than 50 million visits every quarter. Together with ABN AMRO, we developed and launched the Grip app, built entirely on top of our platform and based on a customised white-label version of the Tink app’s own frontend design.


European expansion
of Tink technology

In 2017, we went one step further in our journey. We are now establishing partnerships with banks and financial institutions across Europe to give their customers access to our technology and help create a world where managing money is effortless and rewarding. Every piece of the Tink platform that fuels our own consumer application is available for licensing. Although we're a pure technology provider on paper, we like to think of our customers as partners. Aside from our technology, we also offer clients the product expertise, design learnings, user insights and knowledge we’ve gathered over the years.

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