Building the future
of finance

Tink launched in 2012 with the aim of making banking better, pioneering technology that creates improved customer experiences and brings more financial clarity. What began with a consumer app has today become a platform that offers the tools to let anyone build the future of financial services across Europe.

We are a company of developers – it’s in our DNA to imagine, build and iterate. Our app was the first to offer one place for consumers to get an overview of all their financial accounts. The first to give people control by combining aggregation (AIS) and payment initiation (PIS), so they could both see and take action on their finances – without leaving the app. And the first to offer one place from which to choose better financial products that were tailored to them.


But our 500,000 app users were representative of what consumers all over the globe wanted. And we discovered that we could deliver more understanding, more control and more choice to millions if we opened up access to the data and tools that enable a better customer experience.

Today, we are an FSA-regulated partner to big banks, fintech unicorns and even small startups. Our 200 employees serve 12 European markets out of two offices. And our API offers one access point to financial data from across Europe – as well as the ability to offer insights and actionable advice – whether it’s through our full-service enterprise offering or our self-service platform for developers.

Together with our partners, we’re delivering the kind of digital services customers have come to expect – and paving the way for the next generation of banking.   


Join Tink and shape the future of banking

We are always looking for driven and curious people, who want to join a fast-paced startup environment – and create something groundbreaking.