Use cases

How open banking is a game changer for sustainability
2021-04-01 · 7 min read

How open banking is a game changer for sustainability

Open banking is becoming a crucial tool in the fight to reduce carbon footprint. By plugging open banking tech into digital services, individuals and businesses can track and change their behaviour in a meaningful way. Here’s how.

MiTrust partnering with Tink to optimising onboarding
2021-03-25 · 5 min read

How MiTrust is reusing consumers’ verified online data to optimise onboarding

Find out how MiTrust is streamlining user verification and onboarding by letting consumers share their personal data from trusted sources – and why they’re partnering with Tink to strengthen their offering.

How Northmill is using Tink
2021-02-25 · 3 min read

How Northmill is using Tink to streamline banking

Northmill is on a mission to build personalised banking services that improve people’s finances. By plugging Tink’s open banking technology into its app, Northmill will deliver a seamless and relevant customer experience.

AccountsIQ partners with Tink to streamline financial reporting
2021-01-20 · 3 min read

AccountsIQ partners with Tink to streamline financial reporting

AccountsIQ is on a mission to bring smart accounting to small and medium-sized businesses. So it’s teamed up with Tink for open banking technology, to streamline bank account connectivity and improve the user experience.

Greenly: Reducing carbon footprint one bank account at a time
2020-12-08 · 7 min read

Greenly: Reducing carbon footprint one bank account at a time

Greenly is the force behind 2.5 million French people measuring their carbon footprint – and improving it. Now with Tink, Greenly is set on taking its app across Europe, and putting banks at the centre of its plans to help shift behaviour.

make!mpact: simplifying sustainable investing
2020-12-04 · 5 min read

Impact investing made simple

make!mpact needed a partner with the same global mindset and a friction-free way of aggregating account data, to bring simplicity to investing with impact. So they’re partnering with Tink to show how sustainable investments are.

How Avy is simplifying rental payments
2020-12-01 · 4 min read

How Avy is simplifying rental payments

Find out how Swedish startup Avy is upgrading the renting experience for property owners and tenants by putting real people at the centre of real estate – and how Tink is helping improve one of the cornerstones of their product.

How NatWest built the UK’s leading Spending feature
2020-11-26 · 10 min read

How NatWest built the UK’s leading Spending feature

We talk to NatWest Retail Bank’s Chief Digital Information Officer, Wendy Redshaw, about what it takes to build the UK’s leading digital banking service – and how its customers are reaping the benefits.

How Tjommi is putting price match refunds on autopilot
2020-11-25 · 4 min read

How Tjommi is putting price match refunds on autopilot

Norwegian company Tjommi is leveraging open banking to create fairer shopping experiences. Here’s how they’re increasing transparency to price match guarantees and helping people take advantage of refund policies – without any hassle.

How Anyfin is leveraging tech to create financial well-being
2020-10-20 · 4 min read

How Anyfin is leveraging tech to create financial well-being

Too many people pay unnecessarily high interest on their installments, credit cards or private loans. Anyfin wanted to fix that, and make it easy for people to manage their economy. Here’s how they’re leveraging tech to do it.

2020-08-25 · 3 min read

How sprovid is helping furloughed tenants get discounts on rent

It all started with a hackathon challenge, and ended with an app that uses open banking to help those financially impacted by the coronavirus. Here’s how sprovid is helping Norwegian tenants on temporary leave get discounts on their rent.

How Alpcot is making investments fairer and simpler
2020-07-02 · 5 min read

How Alpcot is making investments fairer and simpler with open banking

When people invest money in mutual funds or pension accounts, the broker receives up to 50% in commission through the fund fee. Alpcot doesn’t think this is fair – and they’re leveraging open banking to change that.

Opti and Tink use case
2020-06-09 · 6 min read

Investments made equal

From bus driver to billionaire, Opti delivers the same market-leading investment opportunities for everyone. By using Tink’s technology to help deliver a slick user experience, Opti is keeping complexity firmly in the background.

How Nordigen is using Tink technology
2020-06-02 · 3 min read

How Nordigen is helping lenders across Europe improve credit decisions

Find out how fintech company Nordigen is leveraging financial data to help banks and lenders improve the speed and accuracy of their credit decisions.

Datia app - built with Tink
2020-04-28 · 5 min read

How Datia self-built with Tink to make investments transparent

Datia’s mission is to connect people with investment opportunities that are good for the world, and just a few days after launch, hundreds of users are already realising they had little idea what their money is really supporting.

Popcorn smartphone
2020-04-03 · 3 min read

How Goloyal is creating more customer value in the retail space

Goloyal is leveraging open banking technology and financial data to give unique consumer insights for retail, shopping centres and loyalty programs.

Svalna footprint calculator
2020-01-21 · 3 min read

Svalna is creating a more conscious society – one user at a time

Svalna launched with one goal: to help consumers slash their carbon footprint. Using financial data, the app helps users understand the environmental impact of their day-to-day purchases – and make simple changes that make a big difference to the planet. 

Zmarta app
2020-01-16 · 2 min read

Zmarta’s quest to give people the best mortgage in minutes

Zmarta makes it quick and simple for people to get the best mortgage rate in Sweden. Using our single API to collect account data, Zmarta can understand people’s financials in an instant – and give them a better deal.

Ebbel app
2020-01-08 · 2 min read

Ebbel: a matchmaker based on the smart use of financial data

Ebbel is shaking up the credit card market with a matchmaking service that couples customers with the right card for their needs - and it’s proving to be more than just sweet talk. On average its users are already saving 3,400 SEK (about €320) a year. This is how.

Moank app screens
2019-10-09 · 3 min read

Moank: on a mission to transform lending

When looking at the fast-growing lending market in Sweden, Moank could see an opportunity to give more customers a fairer lending decision by mixing industry-leading tech with a personal touch. How are they doing this? By partnering with Tink to build a more inclusive credit scoring process, and encouraging employers to get involved.

2019-09-04 · 4 min read

How Njorda is bringing investment management to the masses

To level the playing field between small savers and investment professionals, Swedish fintech Njorda has created an app that lowers the knowledge threshold needed to make smart investments – helping users compare risk, reduce fees and maximise their returns.

Avanza Tink Onboarding
2019-04-03 · 2 min read

Avanza eliminates onboarding friction with aggregation

With a high application drop-off rate, Swedish savings and investment bank Avanza turned to our aggregation technology, to automate their onboarding process and help customers set up a new account in minutes, not weeks.