Account check

Instantly verify account ownership

Confirm account ownership with real-time data straight from a user’s bank account. Now you can connect and verify bank accounts in under a minute – creating a quick and easy onboarding and payment setup process.

Verification doesn’t have to be hard

When it comes linking a bank account or moving funds, the process is as cumbersome as ever. It’s no secret that existing verification methods are slow, costly, and not always reliable (paper bank statements? – no, thanks). 

All of this leads to high abandonment rates in the signup flow and frustrated customers. A bummer for everyone.

Verification shouldn't be this hard

Increase conversion

Give customers a seamless experience, letting them get onboarded in a matter of minutes (instead of days).

Reduce risk

Limit risk and protect against account fraud with secure, real-time data directly from the users’ bank account.

Boost efficiency

Increase operational efficiency and save time and money by automating the verification process.

What you can do with account check

Simpler direct debit setup 

Improve the user experience by verifying and connecting users’ bank accounts for an instant and secure setup of direct debits.

PayPal uses Tink to connect and verify customers' bank accounts to make the account linking process easier and faster.


Seamless payout setup

Remove friction by verifying users’ bank account for a quicker and smoother payout setup. 

Tradera is using Tink to simplify the payment setup on their online marketplace - making it easier for people to sell and buy second-hand goods


Hassle-free integration 

Tink Link, our front-end SDK for end-user authentication, makes integrating to thousands of banks across Europe possible with one line of code. We take care of all the underlying connections and authentication methods, so you can focus on providing great customer experiences. 

Account verified

How it works

Here’s how Tink can help you instantly verify an account for a faster onboarding flow:

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