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Account aggregation
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Data enrichment
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Dutch bank ABN AMRO developed the Grip app in partnership with Tink to give their customers a more complete mobile banking experience, using account aggregation to let users see all their different banks’ accounts in one screen.

A public beta of Grip was live within 90 days of contract signing with Tink, and it is now the most popular PFM app in the Netherlands with over 750,000 downloads.

Dutch bank ABN AMRO wanted to give their customers a more holistic mobile banking experience. So they developed Grip in partnership with Tink, using account aggregation to let customers see all their different banks’ accounts in one screen. 
By aggregating accounts from other banks, ABN AMRO can offer any Dutch account holder – be it their customers or not – a true multi-banking experience.

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If you’re a big bank looking for a custom-built solution, a growing fintech looking for a technology partner or a small business looking for the tools to enable your ideas – we’ve got you. Our platform is built to enable ideas of all shapes and sizes.

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Data-driven finance

Enhanced credit scoring

The way our enhanced credit scoring solution works is quite simple: Tink gives you access to real-time financial data, as well as insights into spending behaviours so you can feed your credit scoring models.

Get the full picture with the European report or dive deeper into the responses from surveyed executives in Germany, Italy and the UK.
Open banking 2019

The hard numbers on open banking

We gathered the responses from 269 financial executives across 17 European countries in one of the most comprehensive surveys on the state of open banking in 2019.

At the beginning of 2019, we set our sights on making the most of the opportunity that open banking is offering – a huge industry shift that is bringing about a new generation of financial services to market.

Tink’s 2019 journey

This was a year in which we saw huge demand from European markets for open banking services and the kind of tech we engineer – and because of that, our number of customers quadrupled.

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