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Access a broad range of high-quality financial data from banks across Europe through a single API. So you can provide smart financial services – or engaging new customer experiences.

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Why market leaders are choosing Tink

Scaling that goes up to the billions

More than having the broadest, most reliable connections across Europe, the Tink platform has the scale to suit big international customers. We handle over 1bn monthly API calls with 99.9%+ uptime.

Proven solutions, loved by millions

Our tech is behind some of the most successful and appreciated financial services brought to millions of consumers by industry leaders like PayPal, Lydia, NatWest, CGD and EnelX, among others. 

One platform, endless possibilities

We offer a range of products that can help businesses achieve a series of different goals. From streamlining onboarding, attracting new users with award-winning apps – to processing millions in payments.

Built with Tink’s platform

Account aggregation
Payment initiation
Data enrichment
Personal finance management

Account aggregation

Dutch bank ABN AMRO developed the Grip app in partnership with Tink to give their customers a more complete mobile banking experience, using account aggregation to let users see all their different banks’ accounts in one screen.

A public beta of Grip was live within 90 days of contract signing with Tink, and it is now the most popular PFM app in the Netherlands with over 750,000 downloads.

Dutch bank ABN AMRO wanted to give their customers a more holistic mobile banking experience. So they developed Grip in partnership with Tink, using account aggregation to let customers see all their different banks’ accounts in one screen. 
By aggregating accounts from other banks, ABN AMRO can offer any Dutch account holder – be it their customers or not – a true multi-banking experience

For businesses and ideas of all sizes

If you’re a big bank looking for a custom-built solution, a growing fintech looking for a technology partner or a small business looking for the tools to enable your ideas – we’ve got you. Our platform is built to enable ideas of all shapes and sizes.

Interested in how Tink can help your business?

Tink offers solutions for businesses and ideas of all sizes

Why Tink?

Latest news from Tink

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Get to know Tink’s new product, Account Check. Here’s how it can speed up and simplify the account verification process, providing an easier onboarding and setup for direct debit and payouts.

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Tink and Eurobits become one

Tink and Eurobits become one

It's official – Tink's acquisition of Eurobits is complete, and the Spanish company is becoming part of Tink. As a result, Tink’s new and existing customers can benefit from broader connectivity across Europe.

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