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Tink creates smart, precise and fast-thinking technology that’s changing banking for the better.

The most reliable and complete financial data with the refinement and enrichment to deliver unparalleled user engagement and real business value.  


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Today our technology is transforming hundreds of businesses, banks and countless customer experiences across the world.


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Our products are powerful when used individually, but when used together, can completely transform services.


Account Aggregation

We collect high quality, full-range data and account information that’s easy to understand.

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Payment Initiation

Initiate money transfers and payments from any bank or account in your app or website.

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Personal Finance Management

See rich insights into your customer’s behaviour and help customers manage their money.

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See a more comprehensive capture of your customer data with our smart categorisation.

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Tink for developers

We welcome developers to dive in and start using our technology right away with our simple API.


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