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Key data points

Income Check delivers a vast amount of data points to help streamline applications and improve the customer experience.

Complete account Information

Get to know your applicants better with account holder name(s), IBAN, SWIFT, SSN, institution name and more.

Detailed income stream insights

Gain more filtered insight with total, maximum, minimum, mean and median income during 3 - 12 months per income category.

Categorised income summaries

Analyse of money streams based on label, recurrence, date, size and stability. See individual transactions for each category in your report.

How Bank Norwegian uses Income Check

Bank Norwegian uses Income Check to ensure customer loan applications are seamless and secure.

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How Bank Norwegian uses Income Check

Bank Norwegian uses Income Check to ensure customer loan applications are seamless and secure.

Discover the full story

How Bank Norwegian uses Income Check

Bank Norwegian uses Income Check to ensure customer loan applications are seamless and secure.

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How can Income Check 
help you?

Browse through some of our use cases to learn about the many ways Income Check can help you boost conversion, streamline applications, increase accuracy and reduce fraud.

Swap old methods for instant, verified data

Consumers can prove an up-to-date income with Tink’s income classification models. All they need to do is simply authenticate with their main bank.

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Protect yourself and applicants from fraud

With Tink’s income classification models, users are able to prove up-to-date income. SCA adds an additional layer of security to open banking, reducing fraud risk.

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Get seamless, accurate risk decisioning

A seamless way of determining a customer's risk exposure at the time of application and gain a clear understanding of their financials.

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Gain confidence on marginal approvals

Tink offers a granular way of determining income, expenses and risk behaviour helping you to see risk exposure and affordability.

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Income Check in numbers


reduced dropouts leading to 
higher conversion rates.

up to 70%

reduction in 1st party fraud.

<10 mins

application process times down from 2-3 days to less than 10 minutes.

For industry leaders

“Responsible lending is all about granting the correct credit to the private individual that has the means to service the loan without compromising on other expenses. Tools such as those Tink provides for Bank Norwegian is an enabler of data that supports our philosophy as a provider of a pure digital customer journey.”

Peer Timo Andersen-Ulven

CRO at Bank Norwegian

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“With Tink we have provided our customers with a much smoother way to prove their income and their creditworthiness, which has helped us reduce our application processing time down to less than 10 mins. It has helped us increase our automated funnel which in turn increased approval rates, faster time to money, and reduced risk of fraud and uncompleted applications - all real difference makers for our growth.”

David Öhlund

CEO at GF Money

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Income Check Introduction
Introduction to Income Check

Income Check lets you verify an end-user’s income directly from their bank account through an API.

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Perform your first income verification
Perform your first income verification

This article will help you get started with Tink's Income Check product by fetching the income of an end-user in JSON format.

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Test your integration
Test your integration

Validate your integration with error cases and market-specific data.

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Tink’s income verification guide

Discover the pros and cons of current income verification methods – and how you can get faster, more accurate results using real-time data.

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