Products that
solve your problems

The Tink platform exists so you can build seamless, smart services using financial data. That's why we've built a range of ready-to-go products, each developed to solve specific problems and bring value to both businesses and their customers.



Increase engagement and conversion by giving your customers a fully embedded payments experience – at a fraction of the cost.

Variable Recurring Payments

Smarter, faster recurring payments. VRPs are the new way to enable frictionless, real-time open banking payments.


Increase customer loyalty with instant refunds and withdrawals.


Account Check

Confirm account ownership with real-time data straight from a user’s bank account, creating a quick and simple payment setup process.

Business Account Check

Instantly verify business account ownership with data straight from banks for quick and easy merchant onboarding, payouts or direct debit setup.


Get real-time transaction data - straight from banks, and delivered in a standardised format.

Business Transactions

Get real-time transaction data from business accounts – straight from banks, and delivered in a standardised format.

Balance Check

Maximise payment success with instant balance checks.

Risk decisioning

Income Check

Optimise credit decisions and understand your customers’ true financial capacity by instantly verifying income using real-time data.

Expense Check

Determine spending patterns and how much is recurring on a monthly basis.

Risk Insights

Start assessing creditworthiness with real time, up-to-date and verified data giving unique insights into spending behaviours.

Finance management

Money Manager

Build smart, intuitive personal finance management applications that give your customers tools and personalised insights to better manage their money.

Data Enrichment

Enrich consumer data to bring more value with innovative features.

Additional capabilities

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