Customer (love) stories

The truth is, we can’t take credit for shaping a new world of finance. Our customers are the ones doing that. They’re the real pioneers, the ones bringing new possibilities to life – and we love that we get to be a part of helping make their vision a reality.

Here are some of their stories:

Rocker customer story

Rocker is helping people manage their finances in an easy, engaging way. Here’s why they’re partnering with Tink to give customers a better experience – and easily expand their offering across Europe.

NatWest customer story

British banking giant NatWest empowered millions of customers by partnering with Tink to add a Spending feature in their banking app – here's how it works.

Kivra customer story

By partnering with Tink, Sweden’s digital inbox Kivra reduced operational costs while improving UX and conversion with a better, fully integrated, payment flow.

CGD customer story

Find out how CGD, Portugal’s leading bank, partnered with Tink to upgrade their digital offering and build an award-winning PFM app for Portuguese consumers.

Norwegian Bank
Bank Norwegian

Find out how Bank Norwegian automated their income verification process for loan and credit card applications while also simplifying bill payments for customers.

Next market leader cover image
Are you the next market leader?

Interested in becoming the next open banking success story? Get in touch to talk more about how we can build the future of financial services.

ABN AMRO customer story

One of the Netherlands’ biggest retail banks, ABN AMRO wanted to address customer needs – here's how they partnered with Tink and increased customer satisfaction.

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Increase engagement and conversion by giving your customers a fully embedded payments experience – at a fraction of the cost.


Smarter, faster recurring payments. VRPs are the new way to enable frictionless, real-time open banking payments.

Account Check

Confirm account ownership with real-time data straight from a user’s bank account, creating a quick and simple payment setup process.

Business Account Check

Instantly verify business account ownership with data straight from banks for quick and easy merchant onboarding, payouts or direct debit setup.


Access up-to-date transaction data from thousands of banks across Europe – already standardised so you can extract real value and insights.

Business Transactions

Get real-time transaction data from business accounts – straight from banks, and delivered in a standardised format.

Data Enrichment

Enrich consumer data to bring more value with innovative features.

Income Check

Optimise credit decisions and understand your customers’ true financial capacity by instantly verifying income using real-time data.

Expense Check

Determine spending patterns and how much is recurring on a monthly basis.

Risk Insights

Start assessing creditworthiness with real time, up-to-date and verified data giving unique insights into spending behaviours.

Money Manager

Build smart, intuitive personal finance management applications that give your customers tools and personalised insights to better manage their money.

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