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Use the Tink Platform to access all the tools, resources, and guides you need to create great products and user experiences based on financial data.

Seamless authentication

Get ready-to-go authentication flows with Tink Link. This front-end SDK for end-user authentication lets you connect to over 3,400 banks in Europe – so your customers can safely and seamlessly share their data.

Easy to implement

All you need is a single line of code – available as a redirect flow or embedded via iFrame


Optimised UX for increased conversion, with pre-filled user identifiers

Localised & market ready

Support for multiple markets, with localised screens and built-in steps covering all authentication methods used in specific markets

Constantly updated

The list of available banks is automatically maintained, and updated when new ones are added

One go-to API

Access financial data from over 3,400 banks and financial institutions in Europe through a single API integration.

  • RESTful API 

  • 100% OAuth compatible

  • Extensive API documentation

  • Demo credentials for testing

  • Build using real credentials

One go-to API

Build and track

Product configuration

Product configuration

Build things your way with an array of customisable settings and configurations. Get to market quickly with standard settings, or optimise your setup to create an entirely custom experience.

Usage reports

Usage reports

Get the insights you need with no need for a third-party tracking solution. Better understand user behaviour and track your app’s performance with real-time data and usage reports.

Support and inspiration

If you’re in need of technical support, or just looking for inspiration, Tink can offer the guidance to help you build, launch and continuously improve your product.


Check our documentation and step-by-step guides to get going.

API reference

Dive into a more detailed reference manual for the Tink API.

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