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Sofia Sundström, SVP Connectivity & Platforms at Tink
2023-11-02 · 4 min read
Sofia Sundström – Our obsession with quality in connectivity

Overseeing our ever-growing network of connections to banks is Sofia Sundström – we spoke to her to find out more about what sets Tink apart in this area, and why it’s so important to be a 'data nerd'.

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Tink SVP Banking & Lending, Christophe Joyau
2023-09-21 · 3 min read
Meet Christophe Joyau, Tink’s Senior Vice President of Banking & Lending

Christophe Joyau has played a crucial role in our transition from serving individual customers to business customers and building a B2B SaaS function – he told us about it and what it’s like working with Visa.

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Tink Engineering Manager Dennis Dorfmeister
2023-09-01 · 3 min read
Dennis Dorfmeister & giroAPI – The importance of good frameworks and technical designs

We spoke to Tink Engineering Manager Dennis Dorfmeister, who has been appointed to the advisory board of giroAPI, an open banking initiative led by the Association of German Banks.

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Tink Senior Legal Counsel Martina Sjöblom
2023-08-01 · 5 min read
Martina Sjöblom - Improving consumer protection with commercial VRPs

Tink Senior Legal Counsel, Martina Sjöblom, has been named to a new sub-working group as part of the Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee’s (JROC) push in the UK to introduce commercial, non-sweeping variable recurring payments (VRPs).

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Tink Head of VRP, Andrew Boyajian
2023-06-28 · 4 min read
Variable Recurring Payments - New UK working group drive to help accelerate and improve adoption

Tink’s Andrew Boyajian is playing a key role in a new variable recurring payments (VRPs) working group in the UK, advocating for standardisation and faster implementation of this technology in open banking.

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Tink employees working in the office
2023-06-07 · 4 min read
Spotlight - Tink’s fast-growing team in Poland

We spoke to members of Tink’s thriving Polish office, which has expanded from a small engineering hub to a live open banking payments market, with more than 140 staff now based in Warsaw.

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BNPP Fortis: safeguarding customer trust with budget management tools
2023-04-21 · 5 min read
BNPP Fortis: safeguarding customer trust with budget management tools

An interview with BNP Paribas Fortis' Director of Channels and Customer Experience, Emilie Jacqueroux, on how the bank supports financial wellbeing by providing money management tools to adapt to the cost-of-living crisis.

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