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Webinar Taking advantage of open banking
2020-12-11 · 1 min read
Taking advantage of open banking

Our Research Director takes a look at the different forces impacting open banking progress and explores how organisations’ internal alignment may explain why some financial institutions are able to move faster than others.

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Leda Glyptis interview
2019-12-31 · 1 min read
Lessons with Leda: Why bank and fintech partnerships need to go deeper

Leda Glyptis is a leading voice in banking from both the startup and the incumbent side. Way back at Money2020 in Amsterdam, we sat down with her to talk about this opportunity that is open banking and the big opportunities that it presents.

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Galina Andreeva interview
2019-01-31 · 2 min read
Banking is getting personal – or at least it should be

When it comes to open banking, behavioural finance expert Galina Andreeva is a staunch supporter. But she cautions that the opportunities it presents come with their own risks – and to offer the best service, banks need to understand their customers better than ever before.

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Leda interview
2019-01-14 · 2 min read
Open banking lessons: 3 choices to make and how to partner the right way

Leda Glyptis can empathise with the banks. She’s a recovering banker herself. At a time when the incumbents are choosing to embrace this era of open banking – albeit slowly – the chief of staff at challenger consultancy 11:FS lays out the three choices they can make in order to make money and move their business forward.

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Interview thumbnail
2018-11-07 · 1 min read
Open banking offers opportunities for everyone

We sat down with payments and PSD2 expert from the Bank of Ireland, Julie Connor, to discuss the opportunities of open banking and the strengths of standardisation.

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2018-10-08 · 1 min read
The future is access to all data

Much like Tink, the trustee for the UK’s Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) has big visions for the future of data-driven banking. He says it’s only a matter of time until the full scope of customer data is available for fintechs to use to build innovative new products.

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ABN Interview
2018-08-31 · 1 min read
A fintech consolidation is coming

Hugo Bongers, head of ABN AMRO's Digital Impact Fund, says he is excited by the plethora of new companies working on big ideas. But in a chat with us at the Money20/20 conference in June, he said that ultimately people want one central place or platform where all services will be combined.

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Daniel Kjellén
2018-08-21 · 1 min read
How Tink customers use data to provide better financial services

From blue-chip banks to fintech unicorns, our customers are using Tink services to better respond to this era of open banking – in which the power is shifting from banks to consumers, and giving consumers the power to choose.

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