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Instant Payments Regulation
2024-04-08 · 6 min read
How the Instant Payments Regulation will change the EU payments landscape

We explore the details of the Instant Payments Regulation, as well as its benefits for consumers and PSPs – such as increased convenience, more innovation in the market, and reduced costs.

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EU flag
2024-02-21 · 10 min read
The full SPAA treatment – Tink signs up for new EU scheme

Tink has become one of the first participants of the European Payments Council’s SPAA scheme. We explain why SPAA was needed and how it could be the catalyst to transform account-to-account payments in the European Union.

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INT_Blog digital identity wallet blog image
2024-01-26 · 7 min read
How the EU digital identity wallet could change the way we pay

eIDAS 2.0 and the EU Digital Identity Wallet are coming and they have the potential to revolutionise the digital payments landscape, making transactions more secure than ever before. Find out what this means for payments, and for consumers and businesses alike.

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EU payment milestone image
2023-12-21 · 5 min read
Three key 2024 milestones in EU payments regulation

Looking ahead to next year’s financial regulation in the European Union, there are three important developments set to shape the future of payment initiation services – Instant Payment Regulation, EU Digital Identity Wallet, and the SPAA scheme.

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2023-10-23 · 8 min read
What you need to know on rescoping Account Information Services for a future open finance framework

Following the European Commission's PSD3, PSR, and FIDA proposals, here we examine some key considerations surrounding the potential transition of account information services (AIS) from PSD3 to FIDA.

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Financial Data Access (FIDA)
2023-08-30 · 8 min read
Open finance – Assessing FIDA and its implications

We take a closer look at the European Commission’s FIDA proposal, in particular the pivotal role of Article 4, its implications for data rights, innovation, and the balance between accessibility and affordability for vulnerable consumers.

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Tink Senior Legal Counsel Martina Sjöblom
2023-08-01 · 5 min read
Martina Sjöblom - Improving consumer protection with commercial VRPs

Tink Senior Legal Counsel, Martina Sjöblom, has been named to a new sub-working group as part of the Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee’s (JROC) push in the UK to introduce commercial, non-sweeping variable recurring payments (VRPs).

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2023-06-29 · 5 min read
European Commission introduces PSD3/PSR to advance open banking and strengthen consumer protection

Tink’s Head of Industry & Wallets, Jan van Vonno, discusses the EU's draft legislation for financial services - PSD2's impact, open banking progress, consumer protection, and benefits of the upcoming PSD3/PSR.

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The European Payments Council’s first SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) rulebook – the Tink take
2022-12-02 · 4 min read
The European Payments Council’s first SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) rulebook – the Tink take

The European Payments Council’s first SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) rulebook was published this week. Tink provides a summary and view on the latest developments.

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What the EBA putting its foot down on PSD2 API obstacles really means
2021-03-02 · 7 min read
What the EBA putting its foot down on PSD2 API obstacles really means

The latest EBA Opinion calls for the removal of obstacles that obstruct TPP’s access to accounts for open banking services. Here’s our take on the most important bits of the Opinion, and what it means for banks and TPPs alike.

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What's the EBA Opinion on obstacles for PSD2 APIs?
2020-06-25 · 6 min read
PSD2 APIs: what the EBA Opinion on obstacles really means

The EBA has resolved some of the biggest questions in relation to PSD2 APIs, after documenting its opinion on the practices of banks and the obstacles caused. This is Tink’s summary of the most significant implications.

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2019-11-19 · 8 min read
Two months after the final PSD2 deadline: where are we with the APIs?

With the September PDS2 deadline now visible in our rearview mirror, what is the status of the bank APIs in Europe two months later? Well, we still face big challenges as an industry to make sure the technical environments improve. But what we’ve seen is an encouraging shift in terms of collaboration and cooperation with some of Europe’s biggest banks. 

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Tink office
2019-10-17 · 7 min read
How we’re helping to make PSD2 successful from the inside out

Since before PSD2 became law, we have been working at a European level to advocate for the changes that are now becoming core to the open banking movement. And it’s because we see a future in which the banking and financial services industry takes a major leap into the future. Here’s the role we’ve played – and why it matters.

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2019-08-21 · 5 min read
Zero PSD2 APIs are compliant with just weeks left before the deadline

In our final analysis of PDS2 APIs, we’ve found that none are compliant with the PSD2 requirements and obligations – the same result we reported from our last evaluation in June. And with less than a month before the final deadline, it is the millions of banking customers across Europe who will suffer the consequences.

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Tink employees
2019-08-14 · 8 min read
Behind the scenes: the blood, sweat and laughs shared on our way to the PSD2 deadline

It has felt in recent months as if the entire industry is mobilised to meet next month’s final PSD2 deadline. But forgotten in all the talk of SCA requirements, fallbacks and EBA clarifications is the monumental human effort that is being made deep in the offices of third parties and banks to create and align on an entirely new way of working.

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Construction work
2019-08-07 · 12 min read
A one-way path that might kill the customer experience in a post-PSD2 world

Ultimately, everyone involved in this march to September – banks and third parties alike – is in the business of meeting the needs of customers. And yet, they could be forgotten if the majority of banks’ PSD2 APIs continue to offer just one authentication flow – the dreaded web redirect. It’s a method that kills innovation, destroys the customer experience, and could threaten the success of this open banking movement in which we’ve all invested so heavily.

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Tink employees
2019-07-17 · 8 min read
Why every European bank needs to provide a safety net for their PSD2 APIs

We raised the alarm bells earlier this month that the banks’ production APIs are far from ready – a reality that could threaten the services that millions of consumers enjoy. If they remain poor, then the success of PSD2 could hinge on a safety net that’s built into the regulation. But with no clarity around what this safety net should look like or how it will be applied, there is a real risk it won’t provide the security it was intended to.

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Barcelona beach
2019-07-04 · 5 min read
Could the poor readiness of bank APIs put the success of PSD2 in jeopardy?

A Tink analysis finds that none of the tested bank APIs released by the penultimate 14th June deadline meet the quality requirements laid out by PSD2 regulators – potentially creating a “cliff edge” scenario in September that compromises the financial services for millions of consumers.

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2019-06-14 · 16 min read
The sobering September preview: banks’ PSD2 APIs far from ready

Today is the deadline for all banks to have their production APIs ready, and the first day for all third parties to officially start integrating with them. But having spent the last three months rigorously testing more than 100 bank APIs in their sandbox environments, we can conclude this: the APIs available up to now are far from ready, lacking the quality and maturity they need – offering a sobering preview of the condition of the production APIs due out today.

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2019-05-31 · 7 min read
Tink Thinks: EBA says banks need to increase the quality of their PDS2 APIs

This is the second piece in our ongoing series called Tink Thinks: Inside the EBA, where we explain and comment on the business of the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) PSD2 API Working group, which is helping to ease the implementation process ahead of the September deadline.

By Tomas Prochazka and Ralf Ohlhausen

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Office, bag
2019-03-21 · 5 min read
What a missed PSD2 deadline says about the challenge of implementation

One of the two biggest PSD2 deadlines just whizzed by on 14 March without much fanfare – and more importantly – without the compliance of 41% of the European banks we surveyed in 10 markets. Many will point fingers at those who failed to comply. But what it really highlights is that despite deep pockets and plenty of resources, the demands that PSD2 places on banks are monumental.

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2019-03-19 · 4 min read
Tink Thinks: EBA's clarifications on PSD2 APIs – and what they mean

This is the first piece in our ongoing series called Tink Thinks, where we explain and comment on the business of the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) PSD2 API working group, which is helping to ease the implementation process ahead of the September deadline.

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2019-02-08 · 3 min read
A potential PSD3 template from Down Under

Australia is known for many things, including its natural wonders, and (potentially daunting) wildlife. In the fintech world, it will also soon be known for its own version of open banking. One that is inspired by Europe, but with an Aussie twist.

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Illustration of a man
2018-02-02 · 5 min read
The top three myths associated with PSD2

With the introduction of PSD2 (the second Payment Services Directive), we are now entering a new era of open banking. At the customer’s request, EU member states will be forced to open up their customer data and payments infrastructure to third-party providers.

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