Know Your Customer

Improve the KYC process – for your customers and your business

Streamline the customer experience

Automate the KYC process by fetching the information straight from customers’ banks instead of asking them to manually fill in fields – or send in physical documents.

Reduce drop-off

By making it easier –and quicker – for customers to sign up and start using your service, you increase the chances of them successfully completing the process.

Get pre-verified information

Since the data comes directly from the users’ banks (after they complete the customer authentication), it can be trusted – no need to wait days to have the information verified

KYC step-by-step

How it works

Here’s how Tink can help improve your KYC process in a few simple steps.

  1. The customer selects their bank and consents to sharing their data

  2. They complete their banks’ authentication process so the data can be gathered

  3. The raw data from banks is enriched and presented in an easily readable format for customers to verify

  4. Customers confirm with one click to complete the process

Tink’s solution helps streamline the KYC process both for customers and your business by automatically fetching customers’ financial data straight from banks.

Use case provided by

Account aggregation

Get access to a broad range of account data and quality, real-time financial information from banks and financial institutions across Europe.

Data enrichment

Transform raw, unfiltered financial data into valuable information. We categorise transactions and provide insights so you can deliver better data-driven services.

Other use cases

Actionable insights

Increase sales and engagement by providing personalised actionable insights and advice in finance management or banking services based on financial data.

Direct debit setup

Increase conversion by making it easier for customers to set up direct debit payments. Tink lets you automatically fetch and fill in bank account information.

Enhanced credit scoring

Increase approval and payback rates with enhanced credit scoring. Get access to real-time financial data and insights on spending habits.

Funds transfer

Keep customers engaged in your environment. Use Tink’s funds transfer to let them transfer money between accounts straight from your app or website.

Goals & budgets

Add features like goals & budgets to increase engagement in your personal finance management app. With Tink, you can easily implement a range of PFM features.

Invoice settlement

Make it easier for customers to pay bills with Tink’s invoice settlement. Connect to their bank accounts and autofill the necessary invoice details.


Let your customers see all their accounts – no matter the bank – in your own environment. Use multi-banking to let customers see their full financial picture.

Autofill onboarding

Simplify onboarding and increase conversion – Tink’s aggregation technology lets you fetch and  automatically fill in financial details for your customers.

Proactive price comparison

Increase sales with price comparison. Get access to financial data to analyse customers’ expenses (with consent) and make personalised offers.


Offer a better banking experience with easy-to-understand financial statistics. Give insights based on several data points using Tink’s machine-learning models.

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