Proactive price comparison

Analyse customers’ expenses to offer them better deals

Identify opportunities

Let customers share their financial data to identify better services and opportunities. Tink gives you the insights to understand their expenses and proactively offer a better deal.

Give relevant, personalised offers

Analyse customers’ transactions (with their consent) to understand what products or services they use – and how much they pay – so you can offer relevant, competitive deals.

Make your offers actionable

As a final step, you can make your offer immediately actionable with Tink’s payment initiation, which lets customers start transfers straight from your app or website.

Proactive price comparison step-by-step

How it works

Here’s how you can give customers personalised – and actionable – offers using Tink.

  1. The customer consents to sharing their data so you help them find better deals
    - In the background, Tink analyses the data to help you identify opportunities based on the transaction history

  2. Customers get personalised recommendations to help improve their finances – be it saving money or maximising their investments

  3. As an additional step, you can use payment initiation to let customers take up on your offer right away – straight from your app or websit

Increase sales with Tink’s price comparison solution. Get access to financial data to analyse customers’ expenses (with consent) and make personalised offers.

Use case provided by

Account aggregation

Get access to a broad range of account data and quality, real-time financial information from banks and financial institutions across Europe.

Data enrichment

Transform raw, unfiltered financial data into valuable information. We categorise transactions and provide insights so you can deliver better data-driven services.

Other use cases

Direct debit setup

Increase conversion by making it easier for customers to set up direct debit payments. Tink lets you automatically fetch and fill in bank account information.

Enhanced credit scoring

Increase approval and payback rates with enhanced credit scoring. Get access to real-time financial data and insights on spending habits.

Funds transfer

Keep customers engaged in your environment. Use Tink’s funds transfer to let them transfer money between accounts straight from your app or website.

Invoice settlement

Make it easier for customers to pay bills with Tink’s invoice settlement. Connect to their bank accounts and autofill the necessary invoice details.

Autofill onboarding

Simplify onboarding and increase conversion – Tink’s aggregation technology lets you fetch and  automatically fill in financial details for your customers.


We can streamline the KYC process both for your customers and your business by automatically fetching customers’ financial data straight from banks.

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