Lessons with Leda: Why bank and fintech partnerships need to go deeper

Leda Glyptis is a leading voice in banking from both the startup and the incumbent side. Way back at Money2020 in Amsterdam, we sat down with her to talk about this opportunity that is open banking and the big opportunities that it presents.

As we close the book on a year dominated by conversations about open banking and PSD2 regulation, we thought there’s no better time to resurface our interview with this self-described ‘recovering banker’. Leda is the CEO of 11:FS Foundry and Chief of Staff at 11:FS – and also just happens to be one of our favourite interview subjects. 

In the two clips below she talks about one of the significant opportunities of open banking – partnering with fintechs. 

Here Leda talks about the transformative power of bank and fintech partnerships – and how when they go deep enough, it can lead to big changes at many levels of a bank’s organisation.

In the clip above, Leda challenges incumbent banks to ensure their partnerships go beyond the headlines – and what metrics to use to measure its success.