Lending, levelled up

1 min read|Published December 20, 2023
Tink's new lending white paper – with data from the UK, France, and Germany – shows how to elevate affordability assessments with enriched data.

Data enrichment can help lenders level up their affordability assessments, and it’s arguably more important than ever due to new regulations and the economic landscape. Download the new Tink white paper below to find out more.

Traditional methods for assessing affordability, such as national averages and credit reports, can give a limited view when trying to gain a full understanding of creditworthiness since they are backwards-looking with narrow data points. At the same time, consumers are increasingly challenged to make ends meet. 

This is why we're setting out the importance of using enriched data for affordability assessments, delving into the key components of how much individuals earn and spend, and highlighting imminent regulatory changes.

Download the white paper below and you will learn about:

  • Assessing earnings correctly

  • Understanding spending habits

  • Getting to grips with new regulations

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