The ultimate Pay by Bank UX guide

2 min read|Published November 21, 2023
The ultimate guide for creating a brilliant Pay by Bank user experience

Pay by Bank offers more flexibility and customisation options than other payment methods, helping you push up conversion rates. Scroll down to download our user experience guide which tells you how to make the most of this payment solution.

At Tink, we’re excited about Pay by Bank. It takes one line of code to embed it anywhere – in an ecommerce checkout, on an invoice or as a QR code. The authentication flow is built for online, all it takes is Face ID or a fingerprint.

Crucially, it also offers deeper customisation options – it’s as close to a fully white-label payments experience as you’ll find. Adyen launching its own Pay by Bank solution shows how quickly it’s gaining mainstream adoption – and just how competitive the general user experience already is today.

With this guide, we aim to show how you can build and optimise your Pay by Bank flows to ensure the highest possible conversion rates.

More specifically, you will learn about: 

  • Getting to grips with performance metrics

  • Designing the end-to-end user journey

  • Optimising for mobile flows 

  • Shortening authentication flows

  • Creating a consistent look and feel

  • And lots more

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