Discussing sustainable banking with ecolytiq

1 min read|Published December 04, 2023
Webinar: Tink x ecolytiq

New research by Tink reveals that 40% of people surveyed in the UK want their bank to offer tools to help track their environmental impact, yet only 24% of banks currently offer such services. The data indicates that the financial industry has an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future by promoting tools that help customers understand, manage, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Fiammetta Leuzzi and Davis Lais

In our latest webinar, we’re joined by David Lais, Co-Founder & Managing Director of ecolytiq to discuss how we have partnered to create a seamless way for banks to seize the opportunity and offer combined financial and sustainability coaching – and what we can expect for the future. The webinar covers subjects such as:

  • How customer demand is reshaping the market

  • How climate engagement is crucial to banks and what the key benefits are

  • How the cost-of-living crisis is also having an impact on the demand for sustainability solutions

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