Webinar: open banking in the post-pandemic world

1 min read|Published June 17, 2021
open banking in the post pandemic world

This webinar dives into the findings from Tink’s report on open banking in the post-pandemic world, presented by Tink’s Research Director Jan van Vonno. Find out what European economic statistics and our own survey results reveal about the emerging risks, changing priorities, and the role of open banking as a potential solution to pressing challenges.

Jan van Vonno, Head of Industry Strategy at Tink

The pandemic has not only accelerated the shift towards digital financial services and remote working – it’s been a wake-up call for many banks to change operating and business models. Organisations have a need to master data and manage risk like never before.

In the webinar you will learn more about:

  • How the pandemic is shifting priorities for bankers

  • Why there’s reason to believe the pandemic has not revealed its entire hand yet

  • How open banking technology can help financial executives lower risk, anticipate financial distress and even increase sales

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