Webinar: the investments and returns of open banking

1 min read|Published May 27, 2020
Tink Out Loud #2 - Investments and returns of open banking

Jan van Vonno, Tink’s Research Director, takes us through some of the key findings from our 2020 survey of European financial executives – this time highlighting how much financial institutions are investing in their open banking initiatives.

Last year, banks and financial institutions across Europe made significant investments in open banking. While some were motivated by compliance alone, others saw this as an opportunity to improve their offering, and get a head start in a journey that’s transforming the industry.

In this session, we dig further into the results of our latest survey. Watch the webinar recording to find out how:
-How much financial institutions are investing in open banking
-Which KPIs they’re using to measure results
-How much – and how soon – they’re expecting to profit from it

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