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Plug-and-play technology through one API

We’re the first to offer account aggregation (AIS) and payment initiation (PIS) on a single, cloud-based platform. Thousands are already innovating, experimenting and bringing new products to market – with one API integration.


Our customers

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The building blocks of financial services

Each of our products enables you to drive increased customer and business value. Combined, they can transform financial services as we know it.


Account Aggregation

Account Aggregation (AIS) is for everyone. It gives businesses and banks the ability to deliver a wider range of personalised services. And it empowers end users with a clearer understanding of their finances.


Payment Initiation

Payment Initiation (PIS) makes payments accessible and simple. Allow customers to safely initiate payments and money transfers – entirely within your app or website – and be in charge of their money from any channel.


Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment and categorisation evolves continuously to ensure a more complete, accurate and useful capture of a user’s financial information. Machine-learning model use population-wide and individual preferences to generate the highest quality data.


Personal Finance Management

Personal Finance Management (PFM) allows end users to easily understand and manage their money. This allows you to identify relevant insights and behaviour – and automatically personalise your customers’ experiences.

Loved by developers, trusted by businesses


The Console keeps everything you need in one place and lets you do things your own way. Get started in minutes – and manage your account, settings and product configurations.


Our SDKs for accessing the Tink API make it fast and easy to build the best possible version of your product using the full potential of Tink’s connectivity and data services.


Security is a religion at Tink and it runs through everything we do – including hiring information-security PhDs and former hackers. We’re an ISO 27001-certified company, and all customer data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We integrate security tools and processes in our integration pipelines to make sure bugs are caught in the making. And our products are being continuously tested – by us and by our partners.


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