Tink Link

Solve authentication and payment authorisation with one line of code

Tink Link is our front-end web 
and mobile (iOS and Android) SDK for account 
authentication and payment initiation.

Authentication all-in-one

Users simply choose their provider and are automatically directed to the required method – be it a redirect, embedded, or decoupled flow.

Make it your own

Customise your experience with your fonts and colours - making sure that customers will recognise your brand when they use Tink Link in your apps. With Tink Link mobile, you’re free to use our UI or build your own.

Make it your own

One line of code

Access ready-made authentication and payment flows with a single line of code so you can easily initiate payments and access a broad range of financial data. Just choose the market, language, and providers you want to use.

One line of code

Get started with Tink

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