Developer Console

Your open banking control panel

Easily tap into the world of open banking with the Tink Console – an intuitive developer interface that lets you access financial data and configure, customise, and manage your applications.

Connect to 3400+ banks

We build and maintain connections to thousands of financial institutions across Europe – so you don't have to.


Create a more relevant experience by customising features and functionalities to suit your use case.

Track performance

Usage reports help you understand how customers behave and where they’re getting the most value.

Instant updates

Change configurations and instantly update your service with the touch of a button.


Keep your precious work safer than ever with two-factor authentication and user management.


New authentication and payment flows are regularly added and updated.

Manage apps & credentials

Create an app for each use case you have and manage them in the console. Access API keys, view scopes, and set redirect URIs from authentication and payment flows.

Manage apps & credentials

Configure & implement

Build things your way with an array of customisable settings and configurations. Get to market quickly with standard settings, or optimise your setup to create an entirely custom experience.

Configure & implement

Track & measure

Measure performance with no need for a third-party tracking solution. Better understand user behaviour to improve your app’s performance with real-time data and usage reports.

Track & measure

User roles and security

Role management

Assign roles within your organisation so that multiple team members have the appropriate access.

Secure with 2FA

Enable 2FA login with your chosen authentication app to keep you and your customers secure.

User roles and security

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