Account Aggregation

Our technology is driven by the end-user’s need to gain better financial transparency and freedom. But it’s not just the customer that benefits. Account aggregation helps everyone – from giving businesses and banks the ability to deliver a more personalised and smooth service, to empowering the end-user with a clearer understanding of their finances and options.


Richer information, better decisions

While others only collect payment account data, Tink account aggregation is full-range - including all financial information, collected from banks’ Open APIs and reverse engineered. This combination is not only highly reliable and fast, but also offers a better quality of data in comparison to the generally accepted ‘screen scraping’ aggregation method. And it doesn’t stop there. We detect transfers within users’ own accounts, clean and normalise details and descriptions, and categorise transactions for comprehensive and consistent data delivery that’s easy to use and understand.

Account Aggregation.png

How it works

  • We’re able to cater for large scale and high-usage deployments because we store and process data using scalable and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Our account aggregation is channel agnostic, making it fast to implement into any of your products and services – from apps and online banking, to websites for onboarding new customers, to customer service and sales tools.
  • User experience is improved and personalised while new customer introduction is simplified, thanks to Tink’s reliable and high quality data collection method. This richer information leads to better, data-driven decision making.
  •  We process the data to make sure it’s clean, normalised and categorised before it’s delivered to ensure that transactions appear to end-users consistently, and with relevant information, regardless of which bank the data comes from. 

See it in action

Businesses are already using our account aggregation services to build more personalised, data-driven experiences that work seamlessly with their own websites and apps.


SBAB mortgage comparison

Swedish bank SBAB launched The Mortgage Match – a service that uses Tink’s account aggregation technology to instantly collect a user’s existing mortgage information from their bank, and compare with a rate from SBAB. By using aggregated data from the user, SBAB can offer a well informed and competitive offer to convince more people to switch their mortgage.

Account Aggregation SBAB.png

Qliro bank account number

Money lender Qliro use Tink’s account aggregation service to collect a user’s bank account information to automatically enter account numbers. This process not only saves time, but also eliminates the possibility of mistakes by human error.

Account Aggregation Qliro.png

Need more advice on options for your business? Get in touch and we’ll help you find out how Tink can create a solution tailored just for you. Or continue exploring our other products Payment Initiation, Personal Finance Management and Categorisation.