Account Aggregation

Get the complete understanding of your customers’ financial life – and deliver personalised, engaging experiences with access to their financial data from every available source.

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We offer access to all of the available personal financial data – through a single API integration. Today, we aggregate from more than 2,500 financial institutions across Europe. But we are rapidly building connections across the continent, offering access to more data by the day.


See the data coverage in each market

A 360° view of your customers’ finances

Our unique approach to aggregation gives us access to data not just from current accounts, but also personal ID, mortgages, credit cards, loans, investments, savings and more. It means we can offer more data than what’s available through public APIs – so you can give your customers a full overview of their finances for (perhaps) the first time.


Use data to unlock new possibilities

Aggregating financial data can completely transform your customers’ experiences.
Here are some of our proudest examples:


Offer the full financial overview

BNP Paribas Fortis

A quarter of BNP Paribas Fortis customers have accounts at other banks. To allow customers to see every single one they have – including accounts at other banks – they started using Account Aggregation in their core banking app. Customers can get the complete overview, while the bank can deliver more personalised insights and financial products that are potentially a better fit than another provider.


A better mortgage in a few clicks


The Mortgage Match is a tool that Swedish bank SBAB offers so consumers can transparently and easily compare their existing mortgage rate with one from SBAB. The bank uses Account Aggregation to instantly collect their existing mortgage information from their bank, and make an offer. Eight out of 10 get a better rate and they can switch in a couple of clicks.

Higher conversion rates in onboarding


Avanza, the largest online stockbroker in Sweden, had a manual process for customers to move money from other banks – and a high drop-off rate. Now they use Account Aggregation to ease the onboarding process, automatically collecting all the financial data they need from a customer’s other banks. The process is quicker and more secure; there’s less manual work; and Avanza’s conversions have increased by 150% since launch.

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One platform, many great applications

Use Tink’s cloud-based services independently or together to create powerful customer experiences – all with one API integration.

You can improve the usability of your services with just account aggregation, but all of our four products together deliver the complete customer experience. Aggregation and payment initiation provide the connectivity to access high-quality data from banks and move money seamlessly. It ensures that money can flow freely and easily – everywhere.

On top of this is the data enrichment and personal finance management (PFM) tools, transforming the raw data into a neat package. It offers valuable insights for businesses and their customers – making sense of data to provide better, more automated and personalised experiences.