Our Brand

The Tink brand represents a new modern way of thinking and of doing things. We love a challenge – we push ourselves and everyone else to rethink what’s possible. We’re young at heart and a bit unconventional, sure. But we know what we’re doing. We have been a part of driving an industry-wide change, and that takes grit as well as confidence. We’ve gone from industry troublemakers to trusted partners and tech providers, and we’ve grown a lot along the way. Although we’re often smiley, playful and charismatic, we’re serious when we need to be. We know our stuff – and we’re generous with our knowledge. We handle sensitive matters with great care, and we are transparent about what we can offer. Other than that, we are open, easy-going and accessible. Just like the world we want to build.


A world where finance works for everyone

We want to empower the pioneers of finance by creating a level playing field for everyone. We remove barriers with an open finance infrastructure that lets people and businesses use financial data in smart ways, to bring convenience and enjoyment in an area previously riddled with bureaucracy and frustration. We’re here to make financial data easily accessible, understandable and useful – to anyone, anywhere.


To power the new world of finance

We’re enabling a new generation of financial services to come to life. Services that are intuitive, effortless and even enjoyable for consumers – and that remove barriers and unnecessary costs that have stood in the way of innovation. We do this by connecting to all banks and financial institutions globally, and providing a platform for innovators to tap into financial data to power their ideas.

Brand promise

The platform for market leaders

As the platform for the market leaders, Tink is the best way to connect to banks across Europe and quickly build seamless, smart and even delightful financial services. We enable millions of consumers to be served with simple solutions that deliver game-changing results for the world’s most successful companies.


Future-proofWhether you’re starting small or going big, the tech we engineer will scale with you and future-proof your business. We’re here to provide the platform that will shape tomorrow’s agenda and set the standard of the future.
For pioneersWe’re not creating a new world of finance – we’re powering it, by partnering with companies that have a vision and know what they want to achieve. It’s by joining forces and combining our expertise that we can truly transform the industry.
Fast-moversWe don’t stand still, and we’re always looking ahead – finding the next opportunity, a better way to do things. We work closely with our customers and are constantly pushing boundaries to help them bring new ideas to life, and build better services for all.


Tink was founded in 2012, a time where the world was going through significant change. A lot of industries were being disrupted, or reinvented. Music, entertainment, transport, it was all going digital, and increasingly mobile. Information was available everywhere, and consumers were given choices, power and freedom that they never had before. Being data-driven became key, and it was all done to benefit the user experience. That’s the context where Tink came about, and the idea was to bring this shift to financial services. Giving the consumer more power, and creating great digital experiences that worked for them. Getting them closer to their finances than ever before, and making managing money not just easy – but even enjoyable. Financial data would be at the centre of it, naturally. So Tink started tapping into that, accessing public banking data to bring value to consumers. Initially with a finance management app to prove that it was possible, and that there was something to this idea – and we’d see where things would go from there.
There was a slight hitch in that none of this was regulated – it was a completely new thing, at the time many thought it should certainly be illegal. But many like us saw opportunity ahead, and knew this was where the future was headed. Together with other ‘rebels’ (as many saw it at the time), we pushed policymakers and regulations to change. To catch up. We knew this wasn’t going away, and we were intent on making it happen. And it did. Now open banking is here, and Tink’s vision has expanded much beyond the app we were originally building to prove a point. And it’s all thanks to partners that saw what we were doing and believed in its potential. Their interest (and even insistence) is what convinced us to turn Tink into a platform, and focus on building out the technology to enable other innovators to bring new possibilities and better user experiences to life. By focusing on the underlying technology, we could make a much bigger impact. We can make this a possibility not just for a few, but for many – for whoever has a great idea, and can think of smart ways to use financial data to bring value to users. Be it the banks, the fintechs, the startups – we work to empower the pioneers of finance, and help them innovate and deliver value we have never seen before.