Who is Tink and what do we do?

Tink is a company that provides open banking related services to its partners. For example, Tink can help its partners to verify account numbers or to analyze transaction history of consumers.

If you are interested understanding more about open banking then you can read our articles about UK Open banking or Introduction to PSD2.

What services do Tink provide to consumers?

All of our services to consumers are initiated by our partners by redirecting consumers to us. Once a consumer is redirected to us, we provide either an account information service or a payment initiation service and then redirect the consumer back to our partner.

Our account information service consists of us collecting your financial information from your bank account and provide that information to our partners.

Our payment initiation services consists of us sending an instruction to your bank to initiate a payment on your behalf and then provide information about that payment to our partners.

All of our services are provided with your consent and you can find detailed information about what our services involve in the End User License Agreements (EULA) that all consumers accept when interacting with us.

How do consumers interact with us?

Tink Link is our consumer facing interface where we ensure that all consumers provide their consent and accept our terms and conditions before we provide our services. Consumers always interact with our services via Tink Link. You can find an example of how Tink Link looks like on our demo page.

Need to come in contact with us?

If you would like to exercise your data subject rights, please visit our Consumer Rights Portal. You can also contact us at

More detailed information for all markets on how to contact us for different types of requests can be found here.