Open banking reports

Our 2021 survey of senior financial executives in Europe uncovers how they view the impact of open banking – and what they’re looking to achieve with it. We’ve spread out the results in different reports coming out throughout the year.

Investments and use cases

It’s safe to say 2020 wasn’t exactly a ‘business as usual’ type of year. We surveyed financial executives again in 2021 to understand how the pandemic impacted their open banking budgets, and what use cases they are now prioritising. Find out how much financial executives are spending on their open banking objectives – and which areas they are more likely to invest in for their business.

From evolution to revolution

Eight in ten executives agree open banking is a revolution, transforming the way people interact with financial services, and giving rise to entirely new business models. Find out how the sentiment towards open banking has changed through the years, what bankers are looking to enable with the new capabilities – and when they expect their businesses, as well as the industry as a whole, to realise its promise.

Open banking in the post-pandemic world

Financial executives across Europe say the pandemic has increased their interest in open banking – with over 40% foreseeing permanent, or long-lasting changes. We explore how bankers’ priorities have changed, and dig into economic statistics to uncover potential challenges that lie ahead in the post-pandemic reality – and how open banking can provide immediate solutions.