Know Your Customer

Simplify the KYC (Know Your Customer) process for both your customers and your business. Get direct access to all the financial and personal data you need through Tink – all verified, authenticated and easy to understand.

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The problem

KYC is a challenging regulatory hurdle that can discourage customers from completing their onboarding. Traditional processes require manually filling in forms or even having to send in physical documents. 

But customers nowadays are used to one-click experiences, and are likely to give up on using a new service if they already encounter barriers at the signup.


The solution

Tink fetches all the necessary information directly from a user’s account – besides the financial data, this could include first and last name, date of birth, or even social security number (depending on the market).

This does all the heavy lifting previously required of the customers, so they don’t need to look up or provide all the information themselves.


Tink’s solution to KYC

Here’s how Tink can help you improve the KYC process in three simple steps.


1. Pull the information you need

Get to know exactly who your new customer is without having to ask for their data. With Tink, you can pull this information from your customer’s accounts through a single API.


2. Get it instantly verified

Seamlessly verify bank account ownership. The data can be trusted since its coming directly from the banks – and it’s all done through secure customer authentication, of course.


3. Let customers complete the process with one click

The raw data gathered from the banks is presented in a human-friendly, easily readable format for customers to verify. Instead of having to manually fill in a form, they can complete the process with a one-click confirmation.


KYC with benefits


Developer benefits

Quick and reliable access to required data (Name, SSN, DoB) from multiple markets via a single API and our front-end SDK for end-user authentication.


Business benefits

A simpler onboarding leads to increased conversion – meaning more customers for your business. All automated and regulation-proof.


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