Invoice settlement

Make paying invoices an automatic, stress-free experience for customers. With Tink’s technology, settling the bill can be a quick, efficient and more reliable process.

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The problem

‘Pay later’ solutions make it very easy for customers to complete purchases, but it only really shifts the hassle of paying to a later moment. Having to keep track of different invoices, and type in lengthy account numbers when it’s time to complete the payment can be very frustrating for customers. 

For businesses, it could lead to unhappy (and non-returning) customers, delayed payments, or extra work in needing to make sense of incorrectly entered invoice or account details. 


The solution

Tink makes settling invoices a fast, simple process. Customers can go directly to the digital invoice, select the bank account they want to pay from and approve the payment with a few clicks – all without leaving your app or website. Since the payment is pre-populated with the invoice reference number, there’s no need to worry about errors with manual entry.

Tink’s solution to invoice settlement

Here’s how Tink can help improve your customer experience and make paying invoices a much simpler process.


1. Give your customers a full overview

Let your customers see their outstanding bills, as well as current bank account balances all within your app. Tink’s account aggregation lets you fetch and display your customers’ account information, so they can then choose the account they’d like to pay from.


2. Pre-populate payment fields

Automatically fill in the details of invoices to be paid, such as the destination account or reference numbers. This removes the need for customers to type in the numbers or jump between apps – all they need to do is select the account they want to pay from and authorise it.


3. Initiate payment directly where you are

With all the details filled in, customers can then initiate the payment – without needing to leave your app or website. With Tink’s payment initiation service, your customers can select the account they want to pay from, authenticate as they would in their own banking app, and complete the process all within your own environment.


Invoice settlement with benefits


Developer benefits

With Tink, a few lines of code is all it takes to add a full payment flow to your invoice solution. Complexities around authentication flows and bank-required re-directs are handled by calling one single API. You can also accept payments in any currency, or from any account type supported by your bank.


Business benefits

Tink’s invoice settlement is a cost-efficient way of allowing your customers to pay their bills with an integrated flow that leads to higher conversion and success rates. Removing the need for manual input doesn’t just provide a better user experience (meaning happy, returning customers), but also reduces mistakes with manual entry, so less time and money is spent correcting errors.


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