Funds transfer

Give your customers a smoother experience by allowing them to transfer funds between accounts in your environment. With Tink, they can initiate a payment directly, without having to log in to their banking app.

Powered by Tink’s account aggregation and payment initation products.

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The problem

When customers need to leave your environment – be it an app or website – in order to complete a payment, this creates a point of friction that can lead them to abandon the process. 


The solution

With Tink, your customers can make bank transfers from or between their accounts directly from your environment. This allows you to provide a more seamless experience and increase conversion by avoiding extra steps or distractions.

Tink’s solution to funds transfer

Here’s how Tink can help remove friction by initiating a transfer of funds directly in your environment.


1. Show the full picture

By aggregating your customers accounts, you can show them the current balance and interest rate in all their checking and savings accounts so they can choose where to transfer from. You can even go a step further and suggest transfers that could improve their financial situation.


2. Autofill the transfer details

If your customer is transferring funds between different accounts they own, or to an account you are providing, Tink can fetch all the necessary details and automatically fill them in so customers don’t need to enter any account numbers manually.


3. Initiate the payment directly

Once all the details are (automatically) filled in, customers can initiate the payment directly from your environment. All they need to do is select the bank account they want to make the transfer from and authenticate in the same way they would in their bank’s app to authorise it.


Funds transfer with benefits

One-clicking buying experiences are ever more common, and increasingly expected by customers. With Tink’s solution, setting up direct debit payments can be just as easy – for everyone involved.


Developer benefits

A few lines of code is all it takes to let your customers move funds from within your app or website. Use one single API integration to combine insights from data aggregation with the capability of transferring funds. And no need to worry about the complexities of authentication flows – it’s already taken care of.


Business benefits

Increase conversion and engagement by letting your customers initiate payments from within your digital channel. This lets you make your offers more actionable, or improve onboarding for products or services that require a transfer of funds.


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