Direct debit

Make setting up direct debit payments an effortless experience for your customers. Tink automatically fetches and provides all the necessary account information instead of requiring them to fill it in manually.

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The problem

Direct debit is meant to be a convenient option for people who don’t want to worry about recurring payments, but setting it up can be a pain. To sign up, customers are often required to manually fill in bank account numbers (usually a long, annoying process). This can result in high abandonment rates as well as incorrect submissions.


The solution

Tink fetches and provides all the necessary data needed to set up a direct debit payment – automatically filling it in for the customers. This improves accuracy while providing a better, hassle-free user experience.

Tink’s solution to direct debit

Here’s how Tink can make it a lot easier to set up direct debit payments in three simple steps.


1. Get the necessary account details

Retrieve up-to-date and accurate financial information straight from the user’s bank, all done through secure end-user authentication.


2. Make it fool-proof

By getting the account details directly from the bank, you can guarantee it’s valid and accurate – no more mistakes caused by manual entry.


3. Provide a seamless experience

By automatically filling in direct debit forms for customers (instead of requiring them to look up and manually type in the information) you give them a seamless experience – improving conversion rates in the process.


Direct debit with benefits

One-clicking buying experiences are ever more common, and increasingly expected by customers. With Tink’s solution, setting up direct debit payments can be just as easy – for everyone involved.


Developer benefits

Get access to data from over 2,500 banks in Europe while providing secure authentication for your users. All ready to go in a matter of minutes using Tink Link, our front-end SDK for end-user authentication. 


Business benefits

See conversion rates shoot up when you can make it simpler for your customers to set up direct debit payments. Fetching the data straight from the banks also reduces headaches caused by errors with manual data entry.


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