Enhanced credit scoring

Get the data you need to make quick, accurate risk and credit assessments. Tink provides real-time account information and insights into spending behaviour.

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The problem

A traditional credit check usually takes time and is based on outdated financial data records. This makes it slow, costly, and not fully reliable as results don’t necessarily reflect a customers’ current financial picture.


The solution

Tink collects and provides a wealth of real-time financial data, going a step beyond the hard numbers by offering additional insights into spending behaviours. This gives a more holistic picture of a customer’s financial situation, leading to more accurate credit or risk assessments. A quicker process, and with better results.

Tink’s solution to credit scoring

Here’s how Tink can help improve credit scoring in three simple steps.


1. Aggregate the account information

Tink collects the raw data from your customer’s bank accounts, then refines and enriches it in order to understand and recognise patterns in the transaction history.
By categorising transactions, Tink can calculate average income, and identify recurring costs, spending patterns, investments, and other consumer loans (among other things).


2. Feed your models with fresh, quality data

Use the enriched data and insights provided by Tink to feed your risk models. Using quality, real-time data allows you to make better informed credit and risk assessments so you can take the next step and offer customers a line of credit, loan, or other financial services.


3. Provide an immediate, actionable offer 

After completing the risk assessment, you can present your customer with a competitive (and well-grounded) offer right away. You can also make your offer actionable, allowing customers to sign up for your service or loan and have funds immediately transferred into their account.


Credit scoring with benefits


Developer benefits

Retrieve up to three years of data history per bank through a single API integration, including insights, trends, categories and pre-identified recurring transactions, all in standard formats. All ready to go in a matter of minutes using Tink Link, our front-end SDK for end-user authentication.


Business benefits

Optimise acceptance rates and lower operating costs while providing a better user experience, and well-grounded offer based on the most relevant financial data possible.


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