Proactive price comparison

Analyse your customers’ financial data and identify recurring transactions to understand what price or interest rates they’re paying for financial services. Tink gives you the data and insights you need so you can proactively offer them a better deal.

Powered by Tink’s account aggregation and data enrichment product.

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The problem

There’s no good way to understand your customers’ (or potential new customers’) recurring expenses in order to compare prices and offer them a better deal – at least not without asking them to give you the details of the rates they pay for the services they use. But requiring them to go to the trouble of finding and sharing this information can be a discouraging step in the user experience, and can also result in incorrect information being used for the comparison. 


The solution

Tink aggregates and analyses financial data to identify a customers’ recurring transactions, and the associated fees or interest rates they are paying for different products of services. This gives you all the insights you need to understand their current financial situation, and how you can offer them more competitive deals – without having to ask them to do the digging.

Tink’s solution to price comparison

Here’s how Tink can provide the insights you need to give customers a better – and actionable – offer.


1. Identify recurring transactions

Besides aggregating account information, Tink’s data enrichment can identify recurring transactions so you can get insights into what products or services a customer subscribes to – and how much they pay for them.


2. Make a personalised offer

With insights into your (existing or potential) customer’s recurring expenses, you can reach out with a more relevant, or affordable deal. This lets you give a truly personalised offering based on their current interests, or financial situation.


3. Make your offer actionable

As a final step, you can make your offer immediately actionable. With Tink’s payment initiation service, your customer can take up on your offer right away and make a payment or account transfer from within your app or website.


Price comparison with benefits


Developer benefits

Access a wide range of financial information, including investments, loans, mortgages, credit cards and savings accounts through a single API. Tink’s data enrichment also identifies recurring transactions (both income and expenses) and makes specific transactions searchable, giving you a good basis to identify areas of opportunity or build price comparison services.


Business benefits

Increase conversion of digital sales as well as customer satisfaction. Give your customers truly relevant, personalised and actionable offers (as well as insights into areas of improvement) based on their existing subscriptions or other recurring expenses.


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