Improve the user experience and increase conversion in the process. Tink fetches and neatly packages the necessary data so you can automatically fill in fields with personal account information instead of requiring customers to do it manually.

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The problem

Having to manually fill in forms is an annoying hurdle, and can often lead people to abandon an onboarding process. And it’s even worse when the requested information is not easy to access or memorise, such as bank account numbers or other financial information. Besides being discouraged by having to look up those details, people are also more likely to make mistakes and submit incorrect information.


The solution

Tink retrieves customers’ ID and financial information directly from their bank accounts and automatically fills it in for them, making the onboarding process a whole lot easier. Minimum hassle, maximum accuracy.

Tink’s solution to autofill

Here’s how Tink can help improve conversion with autofill in three simple steps.


1. Get the information you need 

Tink retrieves up-to-date and accurate account data. This could include date of birth, name, social security number, bank account number, and information on loans, mortgages and investments (among other things).


2. Make it safe and fool-proof

Since the data is retrieved directly from financial institutions it can be trusted for accuracy and validity. And of course, it’s all done through secure authentication methods. This also removes the risk of human error – no more typos.


3. Give customers a seamless experience

Instead of having to look up and then type in a long string of numbers manually, all your customers need to do is connect to their bank and the information will be automatically filled for them. A much smoother process leading to better conversion.


Autofill with benefits


Developer benefits

Get access to financial and ID data from over 2,500 banks in Europe, neatly packaged in readable text suitable for auto-filling. All while providing secure authentication for your users using Tink Link, our front-end SDK for end-user authentication. 


Business benefits

Increase conversion rates by reducing hassle for your customers when Tink can fetch and provide a wide range of account data, including information that’s usually obscure or hard to access.


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