Payment Initiation

Create seamless digital journeys with low-cost bank payments and prebuilt, customisable flows designed to maximise conversion.

Keep users engaged

Add a fully embedded payments experience that lets your users authenticate and pay without leaving your service.

Optimise conversion

Our flows are designed to improve conversion and are continuously tested with thousands of banks across Europe.

Minimise costs

Use open banking to accept payments at a lower cost versus cards, invoices, and alternative payment methods.

How Kivra is using Payment Initiation

Handling over 3 million invoices every month, Kivra uses Tink to let its users pay with their bank account in just a few taps.

Select payment date
Select a bank
Select source account
Execute payment
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 { "amount": 7546, "currency": "SEK", "destinations": [ { "accountNumber": "528-48432", "type": "se-bg" } ], "executionDate": “2020-06-08”, "market": "SE", "recipientName": "Building society Vasagatan", "remittanceInformation": { "type": "OCR", "value": "1455297802" }, "sourceMessage": "Rent" }
Payment Initiation step 1

Why Tink


payments per month

< 45 secs

payment duration


lower fees vs cards



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What does connecting to banks really mean?


Easy-to-follow guides, API reference and sample projects

Payment Initiation doc 1

Introduction to Payment Initiation

Tink’s Payment Initiation product lets end-users safely authenticate and initiate payments and transfers from their bank account.

Payment Initiation doc 2

Initiate your first payment

This article will show you how to use Tink Link to initiate a payment in your browser.

Payment Initiation doc 3

Payment Initiation flow overview

Learn about the different ways you can configure and customise your Payment Initiation flow.

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