Business account aggregation

Get fast and easy access to business account data

Accessing business accounts and transaction data with Tink saves you effort and money - so you can spend time on the stuff that matters. 

Power better experiences

Leverage business account data to create more powerful services and better user experiences while maximising the benefit to your business.

Improve business efficiencies

Increase back-office productivity by automatically fetching business account data.

Remove onboarding friction

Get direct access to the business data you need to simplify onboarding or enhance your KYC process.

Reduce risk

With easy access to real-time business data at your fingertips, you can make faster and better informed data-driven decisions.

Reduce errors

Since the data comes directly from a trusted source - the users’ banks - you can be sure it’s accurate and valid.

Prevent account fraud

Protect against fraud by being able to verify account holder ownership.

Quick time to market

Tink Link, our front-end web and mobile SDK, lets you build your product in days, not months, and with fewer development resources - slashing your time-to-market and saving you money during the integration process.

User experience

Smooth user experience

Use Tink Link to access ready-made authentication flows and provide the best user experience. 

  • A super-smooth UX

  • Customisable to your brand  

  • Tink handles all current and future authentication flows 

  • Full-scope PSD2 data, and more 

  • Integrate with just one line of code

Reliable real-time data

Continuously access real-time business account and transaction data with automatic background refreshes up to four times a day, to deliver a high-quality and reliable user experience.

Realtime data

Get started today 

Don’t have a licence? We’ve got you covered. Available to any customer whether you use your own licence or access data through ours, so you can skip straight to getting started on developing your service with secure and trusted technology.

Our other products

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Get access to a broad range of account data and quality, real-time financial information from banks and financial institutions across Europe.

Data enrichment

Transform raw, unfiltered financial data into valuable information. We categorise transactions and provide insights so you can deliver better data-driven services.

Payment initiation

Allow your customers to safely initiate payments and transfers from their accounts  – from your own app or website.

Money Manager

Build smart, intuitive personal finance management applications that give your customers tools and personalised insights to better manage their money.

Account check

Confirm account ownership with real-time data straight from a user’s bank account, creating a quick and easy onboarding and payment setup process.