Personal Finance Management

Give your customers the tools and personalised insights they need to better control their financial lives. With our PFM tools you can easily build smart and intuitive services that make managing finances a more delightful experience.

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Actionable Insights

Beyond just presenting customers with their financial data, you can empower them with tailored tips and useful recommendations that show you’ve got their backs. Put the numbers into context to highlight opportunities and areas of improvement, and motivate them to reach their goals – while increasing engagement, loyalty and sales.

Your customers get personalised financial advisory, while your business gains a better understanding of their preferences. These are insights you can use to improve sales by giving your customers relevant offers that they’ll truly appreciate.


The PFM toolkit


Categories and tags

Automatic categorisation is quick and efficient, but everyone organises their lives differently. A good customer experience hinges on letting people change and add categories to suit their own logic. Our models then learn from individual preferences, making custom categorisation become as seamless as it is automatic.

Custom tags can also be created to help contextualise expenses related to specific projects, occasions or even moods. #summervacation #selfcare

Split transactions

Split transactions help customers get a more accurate view of their individual expenses on occasions when they foot the bill for a large group. It also helps them keep track of who refunded what and how much they’re still owed.


Statistics and insights

Give customers the graphs, charts and forecasts they need to have a clear, comprehensive picture of their finances. Eliminate the need for calculations when you can provide an overview of expenses over time, looking to the past and offering projections for the future.

By identifying recurring transactions and subscriptions, you can notify users of possible unpaid bills, and anticipate expenses per account, category and predefined budgets.

Budgets and goals

Make budgeting a much easier and even enjoyable experience with fully customisable tools that customers can use to create personal budgets and goals. These can be based on dates, categories or even specific transactions.

Let customers really engage with your service – and their own finances – by creating short- and long-term savings goals, as well as real-time updates as they reach limits or achieve milestones.


PFM that works for you

Our PFM solution gives you all you need to build your own banking app, innovative product or niche financial service. Get all the statistics, calculations and ready-to-go logic to create budgets, goals and the insights you want to deliver to your customers.

With seven years of experience developing our PFM app, we know the ins and outs of what works best and have optimised our tools through constant iteration. Along with the tools, we can also give you good advice on delivering the best experience for your customers.

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Built with Tink

ABN AMRO banking app

Dutch bank ABN AMRO launched its standalone PFM app, Grip, built entirely on top of the Tink platform. A public beta of Grip was live within 90 days of signing the contract, quickly becoming popular and gaining a high NPS rating. Grip is now the #1 personal finance app in the Netherlands – with over 680,000 registered users.

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One platform, many great applications

Use Tink’s cloud-based services independently or together to create powerful customer experiences – all with one API integration.

You can improve your customer experience with PFM alone, but all four of our products together deliver the complete package. Account aggregation and payment initiation provide the connectivity to access high-quality data from banks and move money seamlessly. It ensures that money can flow freely and easily – everywhere.

On top of this is the data enrichment and PFM tools, transforming the raw data into a neat package. It offers valuable insights for businesses and their customers – making sense of data to provide better, more automated and personalised experiences.