Personal Finance Management

Personal Finance Management (PFM) allows customers to easily understand and manage their money, while offering businesses the opportunity to use relevant insights and behaviour to automate their experience in a personalised way. Optimising for engagement with tailored and actionable insights, advice and product offers drives sales across all digital channels.

PFM is coming soon to the developer platform. If you’re an enterprise business, contact sales to talk about how PFM can transform your mobile app.  


How it works

Tink’s PFM service collects information to create a financial profile of your customers. These insights allow you to generate personalised, calculated advice or offers to customers – or help customers manage their money and budgets. A complete picture of their finances – paired with the ability to tag, categorise and create saving or spending budgets – offers better financial management and understanding.

Working with PFM on the Tink platform means you benefit from our ability to handle hundreds of aggregated transactions from first- and third-party sources per second. We pre-process data so it’s ready to use with quick retrieval and response times – without any extra work. But the data is also human- and computer-readable, so you can process and analyse it too.

Watch it in action here.

The customer
in control

Our aim is to enable you to have an ongoing relationship with your customers, and take advantage of our understanding that comes with seven years of working directly with consumer needs. PFM on the Tink platform is proven to provide a better customer experience, which ultimately increases end-user happiness. This also increases consumer advocacy and opportunities for brand differentiation – by leveraging digital transformation and optimising for a smartphone-dominated world.

Dutch bank ABN AMRO launched its standalone PFM app, Grip, built entirely on top of the Tink platform. A public beta of Grip was live within 90 days of contract signing. Before the full-market launch, surveys with 10,000 customers showed that 73% of the respondents would recommend the app to a friend. In addition, one out of two gave the bank a higher overall rating after using the app.

claymockupGrip copy.png

Need more advice on options for your business? Get in touch and we’ll help you find out how Tink can create a solution tailored just for you.