Payment Initiation

Tink payment initiation makes banking functions simpler and smoother. Using our API, you can allow customers to safely make payments and transfers between banks and bank accounts entirely within your app or website for a completely seamless experience.


Our tech, your world

Our payment initiation enables businesses to give a seamless, safe banking experience.  PIS makes it easy for your customers to transfer money, pay bills or make payments between banks and users. Whether a growing startup or a global powerhouse, our services are developer-friendly, so you can integrate them into your own tools, apps and websites.

payment initiation_2.png

Put it to work

  • Initiate safe payments and transfers between any bank account at any bank, create innovative payment solutions or simply make traditional banking tasks easier.

  • Services are developer-friendly, with a simple API that’s platform and end-product agnostic, so you can implement them into any app or online service and deploy them almost instantly.

  •  Our technology is developed to allow for rapid system scalability, and uses real-time data processing to enable highly responsive partner applications to ensure speed, data security and reliability. 

See it in action

Tink payment initiation is being used right now. See how two apps use the technology to improve services in personal finance and make streamlined invoice payments.


Tink app

Our own customer-facing app helps people see and manage their finances clearly. Today we have 500k users taking control of their financial data, and using it to make smarter decisions. Users in Sweden can connect the app with their bank accounts to pay bills and transfer money between any bank and account directly without leaving the app.

Tink - payment initiation EN.png

Collector Bank

Collector Bank uses our payment initiation to create a smooth web checkout that allows customers to pay for items or services quickly and easily directly from their bank account, without the need to use their card, online banking or an invoice.

payment initiation collector.png

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