We provide banks, financial service providers and developers across Europe with a platform that opens up new possibilities for a better customer experience – combining aggregation (AIS) and payment initiation (PIS) with data enrichment and personal finance management (PFM) products.

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A platform for great financial products

Tink offers cloud-based products that are powerful when used individually, but when used together, can completely transform services.

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Account Aggregation helps everyone – giving businesses and banks the ability to deliver a more personalised and complete service, as well as empowering the end user with a clearer understanding of their finances and options. Our data aggregation is uniquely broad and reliable, delivering real-time financial information from banks and financial service providers across Europe.

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Payment Initiation makes banking functions simpler and smoother. Using our API, you can allow customers to safely make payments and transfers between banks and bank accounts – from entirely within your app or website.
Offering in-line payment experiences increases
engagement and retention, while
optimising digital sales.

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Data Enrichment and categorisation models, tuned to both global and individual preferences, are continuously evolving through machine learning to consistently generate
better quality data. This cleaned, harmonised and
enriched data opens up new possibilities in customer experience, such as truly data-driven sales or
optimised risk-decision making.

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Personal Finance Management (PFM) allows customers to easily understand and manage their money, while offering businesses the opportunity use relevant insights and behaviour to automate experiences in a personalised way. Giving customers increased transparency and control makes them feel understood and cared for, increasing all-important consumer trust.

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A platform for developers


The Console keeps everything you need in one place. We’ve removed the complexity, so that you can create an account and get started in minutes. From there, you can manage your account, settings and product configurations – and build things your own way.


Our SDKs for accessing the Tink API make it fast and easy to use the full potential of Tink’s infrastructure and data services – and build the best possible version of your product. Tink Link for example, is an SDK that’s easy to drop in and simplifies user authentication.


Working with Tink

We know what matters most isn’t what we do – it’s what you do. That’s why we provide the resources – and guidance on the ways to use them – that you need to reach your product goals. The tools and functionalities we develop are easy to use for operations of any size – and developers of any level, working with any tech stack.

As a single partner with a broad range of interoperable products managed from the console, adding more Tink functionality is like flicking a switch.


Need more advice on options for your business? Get in touch and we’ll help you find out how Tink can create a solution tailored just for you.