Data Enrichment

Transform raw data into tangible insights. Enrichment opens up the possibilities for you to create new user experiences by extracting the real value from financial data.

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Data you can understand – and actually use

We take massive amounts of raw, unfiltered financial data and clean it up. In our world, that means removing unnecessary information, making transactions easy to recognise, identifying patterns, and sorting things into categories. This gives your customers a much clearer picture of their finances, empowering them (and your business) with better data-driven insights.

With seven years of experience analysing and humanising billions of transactions, our machine-learning models are way ahead of the game. And they keep getting smarter.


Categorisation is
the cornerstone

Sorting transactions into categories is one of the most powerful ways to enrich data. This helps customers get a better grasp on how they spend their money – whether it’s groceries, shopping or one too many restaurant visits.

Understanding spending habits (and just how much that renovation project cost) holds tremendous value for your customers and your business. These insights are what truly enables data enrichment’s most valuable use cases.

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Make better products with richer data


Credit scoring

Improve accuracy in risk assessments by not only understanding users’ incomes, but the bigger picture of their financial history and spending habits. Aggregate and assess data from multiple sources based on real-time balances to make credit decisions that are not only reliable and efficient – but accessible to all.


Enrichment in use

SEB banking app

Major Nordic bank SEB developed its own app based on Tink’s platform, using data enrichment to categorise and display transactions in a clear format for their customers. SEB's app is now the most popular channel for private customers in Sweden, with more than 200 million visits every year.

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One platform, many great applications

Use Tink’s cloud-based services independently or together to create powerful customer experiences – all with one API integration.

You can improve the usability of your services with just data enrichment, but all of our four products together deliver the complete customer experience. Account aggregation and payment initiation provide the connectivity to access high-quality data from banks and move money seamlessly. It ensures that money can flow freely and easily – everywhere.

On top of this is the data enrichment and personal finance management (PFM) tools, transforming the raw data into a neat package. It offers valuable insights for businesses and their customers – making sense of data to provide better, more automated and personalised experiences.