Ebbel: a matchmaker based on the smart use of financial data

2 min read|Published January 08, 2020
Ebbel app

Ebbel is shaking up the credit card market with a matchmaking service that couples customers with the right card for their needs - and it’s proving to be more than just sweet talk. On average its users are already saving 3,400 SEK (about €320) a year. This is how.

Matchmaking is something usually reserved for romance, but Ebbel is breaking the mould and applying it to finding the perfect credit card partnership. 

To take a hyper-personal approach to finding the best deal, Ebbel teamed up with Tink, using our aggregation and enrichment technology to instantly analyse people’s spending so they can recommend the right credit card for them. The idea came about after the founders’ own frustrating and time-consuming experience trying to choose a credit card.

How it works

1. Getting to know you

The first step is using Tink’s API to aggregate data from the users’ credit card and current accounts, and then categorise and clean up the transactions. 

This lets Ebbel see people’s average outgoings over the year, understand their spending patterns and which vendors they use in Sweden and abroad.

Ebbel app

2. Finding a match

Then, Ebbel’s own algorithm gets to work, using the data from Tink to match the user against every credit card in its database. It takes into account both fixed fees (like annual charges) and variable fees (like foreign exchange), looking for spending patterns that match well with a specific credit card.

A very simple example is if someone often rents cars, then credit cards that include car insurance will score well. You get the idea.

3. Meeting ‘the one’

Ebbel then presents a personalised recommendation to the user, and if they like what they see, they can switch immediately - simplifying the process of finding the most suitable credit card, saving people 3,400 SEK a year on average. 

With 97% of credit card holders having the wrong card for their needs, Ebbel sees it as its mission to make credit card matchmaking effortless for its users.

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