Saying goodbye to Tink’s Swedish consumer app

It’s no secret that our ambitions here at Tink have taken our business in a new direction over the past few years. Now, the time has come to officially announce that we are closing down Tink’s consumer-facing personal finance app.


  • The Tink app (used today by Swedish consumers) will no longer be available after 15 December.

  • When founded in 2012, Tink’s original focus was developing a consumer app in Sweden – but it has since pivoted to become a technology provider for other banks, fintechs and startups across Europe.

  • Consumers will still be able benefit from what we do by using a range of different services powered by Tink technology.

Tink app

Here’s the short version: from 15 December, the Tink’s Swedish consumer app will no longer be available for its users. When that day comes, all accounts will be deleted.

While this decision is probably not surprising, it was definitely bittersweet. The Tink app is a major part of our history – it’s our firstborn product, after all. And while we’re very proud of everything it has helped us achieve, the Tink of today has a very different focus.

If you want to better understand how things have changed, why, and what we’re doing now – here is the long version.

The Tink journey – from Swedish consumer app to European technology provider

Back in 2012, Tink started out as a personal finance app for Swedish consumers. The Tink app became quite popular, being downloaded and used by half a million users in Sweden. The premise was simple: it helped users connect to all their different bank accounts to easily see and manage all their finances in one place.

Over the years, after a lot of feedback from our users, we kept developing the features they most wanted and improving the ones they most appreciated. We learned a lot about creating great personal finance management experiences and digital banking apps. Then the banks came knocking. They were interested in our technology, and we realised we could do more to change banking for the better by working together with them. This meant that – instead of just working on the one app, we could reach more consumers all across Europe by enabling other banks, fintechs and startups to tap into the technology we were using.

In other words: we pivoted, and started focusing on making our core technology available for other businesses rather than just providing our app straight to consumers.

And much as we’d like to, we unfortunately came to realise we can’t do both. So we’ll say goodbye to the Tink app so we can have the opportunity to say hello and welcome to many more Tink-powered experiences across a range of different services.

I liked the Tink app – what do I do now?

While we’re putting an end to the chapter of the Tink app, the story of empowering consumers across Europe with better financial services is still just beginning.

The Tink app as-you-know-it will no longer be available in app stores, but you can look forward to a lot of great new experiences powered by the open access to financial data. From easy digital money management and personalised financial advice, to fairer credit decisions and more straightforward payment options.

You can still benefit from what we do by using some of the great services powered by Tink technology. Thank you for trusting us, teaching us, and being such an important part of our journey.

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