DIY PFM: personal finance management now available on the Tink Console

Personal finance management (PFM) services give consumers a better way to manage their money, all while delivering measurable benefits for businesses. Here’s how customers can manage their own PFM service – complete with custom configurations and usage reports – using the Tink console.

TL;DR – Quick summary

  • With PFM available on the Tink Console, customers can build and manage their own PFM service on the Tink platform.

  • The Console has customisable settings for PFM, which lets developers select the features and functionalities they want to include in their service.

  • Usage reports and statistics are also available, making it easier to track performance and user behaviour.

PFM on the Tink Console

When it comes to any banking or financial service app, personal finance management (PFM) has quickly gone from a nice-to-have to an absolute must for businesses that want to attract and retain consumers. But a PFM product is a big investment and many businesses don't know how to get started. Implementing a PFM offering can be a time consuming and complex endeavour.

Here at Tink, we believe that everyone should have access to a good personal finance management experience. And we want to help businesses offer that to their customers, and tap into the benefits of next-gen PFM

To make that happen, we’ve made PFM available on the Tink Console, so our customers can manage their PFM service on the Tink platform.

DIY PFM on the Tink platform

The Tink Console acts as a command centre where developers can build and launch their own data-driven services in a do-it-yourself (DIY) fashion. 

It gathers everything you need in one place, from the aggregation tech that lets you access the financial data customers consent to sharing, to the PFM functionalities that help turn this data into valuable insights – and ultimately an engaging service. 

By using the toolkit available through the Tink Console, businesses can access Tink's core PFM features – and make it their own.

Toggling your way to a custom PFM

The PFM features in the Tink Console are easy to configure and customise. Being able to select which functionalities you want to offer lets you create a unique PFM experience that feels 100% relevant for your business and your customers.  

In some cases, selecting the features you want to provide can be as simple as using toggle buttons to turn them on or off. This is the case for actionable insights, for instance, which gives customers real-time, personalised advice based on their spending. 

Say you’re building a PFM service that focuses only on the positive – letting customers know when they’re on track with their goals rather than being the bearer of bad news. You can easily skip the ‘your account balance is low’-type notifications by selecting which insights you want to make available for your customers.

Improving your offering with usage reports 

Besides helping you build your PFM service, the Tink Console also gives you access to statistics and insights into user engagement. So there’s no need to integrate third-party tracking or visualisation tools to understand user behaviour. 

A dedicated admin interface gives you visibility over who is using your service and how. This helps you offer your customers the best and most relevant experience, because it lets you understand what’s working, or perhaps what could be improved.  

You’ll also get access to usage reports on individual PFM features, allowing you to understand how customers are using and interacting with budgets and actionable insights.

Get started with the Tink Console

Over 5,000 developers have already signed up to build services based on financial data using the Tink platform.If you’re interested in trying it out, you can create a free account, or take a look at the resources in our developer portal to learn more.

Get in touch with our team if you’d like to learn more about getting access to PFM on the Tink Console – or even our PFM mobile SDKS, which can help get to market quicker.

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