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How you can extract the real value from financial data using Transactions
2021-03-23 · 6 min read

How you can extract the real value from financial data using Transactions

What makes Tink’s Transactions product so special? Besides letting you access real-time transaction data from more than 3,400 banks across Europe, it cleans up and unifies the data, so you can immediately put it to use.

Instantly verify customers’ account information with Account Check
2020-11-04 · 5 min read

Instantly verify customers’ account information with Account Check

Get to know Tink’s new product, Account Check. Here’s how it can speed up and simplify the account verification process, providing an easier onboarding and setup for direct debit and payouts.

Tink app
2020-10-13 · 4 min read

Saying goodbye to Tink’s Swedish consumer app

This goodbye is as bittersweet as any, but the time has come to officially announce that we are closing down Tink’s Swedish consumer-facing personal finance app. Here’s why, and what we will be focusing on instead.

Business aggregation with Tink
2020-06-01 · 4 min read

Get fast and easy access to business account data with Tink

Many companies lack a simple way of fetching real-time business account data. Not anymore. It can now be aggregated on the Tink platform, so you can instantly verify business accounts and their owners, check cash flow and more.

PFM on the Tink Console
2020-04-30 · 4 min read

DIY PFM: personal finance management now available on the Tink Console

Offering personal finance management is a must for any financial service. Here’s how customers can manage their own PFM experience using the Tink console – complete with custom configurations and usage reports.

Background refresh - Tink
2020-04-29 · 4 min read

Background refresh: the secret weapon behind powerful financial apps

Continuous access to customers' financial data helps you give users more powerful and relevant services without them having to lift a finger. And you can start building right away.

Map of the world
2020-02-27 · 2 min read

Keeping track of 2,500+ data sources

At Tink we’re big believers in doing things at scale. Full data coverage across all European markets is the mission, but, somewhat unsurprisingly, it’s not without its complications. 

France map
2020-01-27 · 2 min read

Expanding the Tink platform into France

Advancing on our quest to provide a pan-European open banking ecosystem, we’re launching the Tink platform in France. This lets local businesses, banks and developers access financial data from some of the country’s largest financial institutions to offer French consumers the next generation of personalised and data-driven services.

Italy and Portugal maps
2019-12-05 · 5 min read

Launching our platform in Italy and Portugal – with instant access to 40 million consumers

As part of our European expansion, we are launching our open banking platform in Italy and Portugal. Any local business, bank or developer can access the financial data of tens of millions of consumers – and offer personalised and data-driven services to meet their evolving demands. In the dynamic Italian market, we are also announcing the opening of our Milan office.

Portugal map
2019-12-05 · 2 min read

Tink enters Portugal – opening the data floodgates to 20 banks

With our arrival in Portugal we’re giving developers access to financial data from 20 Portugese banks – and the tools to test, build and launch new services on top of the enriched data.

2019-10-24 · 1 min read

Embracing the hygge lifestyle in our new Danish office

We’re hopping over the strait and expanding the Tink presence to our Nordic neighbours in Copenhagen.

Netherlands map
2019-10-09 · 3 min read

The Tink platform goes live in the Netherlands

Since we first set foot in the Netherlands, it’s blossomed into a leading hub for financial innovation. The open banking movement will only reinforce this trend. So we’re thrilled to go live with the Tink platform and let Dutch businesses build game-changing financial services using PSD2 APIs. 

Tink employees
2019-10-09 · 3 min read

Joining the customer-obsessed and optimistic Finnish fintech scene

As we open offices across Europe, Finland is one place that sticks out from the crowd. With a more optimistic view than most countries and a tech-forward culture, most players in the Finnish financial industry understand the importance of putting the customer’s needs first. And so we’re planting our pink Tink flag here in Helsinki.

French office
2019-07-02 · 2 min read

Beyond borders: helping French partners take open banking across Europe

With over 50 banks – some of which are the biggest in the world – France’s financial market has a wide reach in Europe and beyond. But the tech that enables businesses to launch new open banking services has largely been local. Until now. 

Warsaw tech hub
2019-05-15 · 3 min read

How our new Warsaw tech hub is laying the open banking rails across Europe

When your mission is to create the infrastructure on which the whole of Europe can build open banking services, finding enough tech talent is a challenge. It’s why we opened our new tech hub in Warsaw, Poland to put extra fuel in the tank.

2019-03-27 · 4 min read

Part three: How Tink launched in the UK in record time

This is the last piece of our three-part Project Win UK series. In parts one and two, we lifted the lid on our challenge to go live in the UK, and showed how we integrated with the banks and built our categorisation model. This time, we show how all hands on deck meant we could go further and deliver more to complete our mission to go live in the UK – and “win” it.

Big data
2019-03-21 · 4 min read

Part two: How Tink launched in the UK in record time

Here comes the second piece of our three-part Project Win UK series. In part one, we showed how our engineers smashed expectations to launch Tink in the UK in four weeks. Now we dive deeper to walk you through the first two weeks of the project, showing how we built connections with the banks and trained our categorisation model – at lightning speed.

2019-03-14 · 3 min read

How Tink launched in the UK, and did it in record time

This is the first piece in a three-part Project Win UK series, where we take you behind the scenes and show you how we enter a new market, how we think about technology – and how we challenge ourselves to do it better, faster, stronger.

2019-03-14 · 2 min read

Tink delivers one of users’ most sought after PFM features

Tink is taking PFM into the future with the split transactions feature. On the surface, it could seem like an incremental step forward – a new feature that many consumers have requested. But for any banking or fintech partner who wants to offer their customers personalised advice that’s accurate and relevant – it’s an absolute must.

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