PFM – explained
2020-07-15 · 5 min read

What is PFM, and what is it good for?

PFM is great. But what is it exactly? We get down to the basics and explain the term, what it means, and what it has to offer for consumers and businesses alike.

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Enabling anyone to scale-up in Europe | Tink blog
2020-07-14 · 4 min read

How open banking tech lets anyone scale-up across Europe

The barriers of operating across borders are coming down. Open banking is allowing any company, big or small, to take the same model and apply it to any country - slashing time-to-market, and creating vast opportunities for everyone.

Open banking
PFM on the Tink Console
2020-04-30 · 4 min read

DIY PFM: personal finance management now available on the Tink Console

Offering personal finance management is a must for any financial service. Here’s how customers can manage their own PFM experience using the Tink console – complete with custom configurations and usage reports.

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Actionable insights #3
2020-04-15 · 5 min read

How the tech behind actionable insights is changing financial advice

Actionable insights makes it possible for financial institutions to deliver hyper relevant and targeted digital advice. But how does it actually work? We dig into the technology that makes it all possible.

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2 lightbulbs
2020-04-08 · 7 min read

4 ways actionable insights will benefit your business

Find out how you can engage more customers, build trust, boost sales and increase share of wallet by providing actionable insights in your PFM experience.

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Lightbulb illustration
2020-03-31 · 5 min read

Actionable insights: your customers' personal finance coach

Financial institutions across Europe are under pressure to deliver increasingly sophisticated services that simplify how people manage their money. Actionable insights can help make this a reality by enabling you to give customers a truly personal experience, which drives engagement, increases trust and boosts sales - all while helping people be smarter with their money. This is how it works.

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2020-03-26 · 6 min read

Build a custom PFM experience – and fast – with Tink’s SDKs

In digital banking, personal finance management (PFM) is a key contributor to customer engagement. If you can be the go-to place for customers to manage their finances, that can easily turn into increased loyalty – and sales. With Tink’s PFM SDKs, making PFM happen doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking. You can get up in running in a few hours, saving developer time and getting to market quicker.

Digital banking solutions
Henry Kupty (left) and Jon Nilsson (right)
2020-03-20 · 7 min read

Talking with Tinkers: how to build the PFM of tomorrow

How do you build the future of financial services? We had a chat with Tinkers Jon Nilsson and Henry Kupty from the finance management team to learn more about how they work to transform financial data into delightful user experiences.

Inside Tink
Girl on the phone
2019-03-03 · 8 min read

How to build customer trust and loyalty through better PFM experiences

Winning the customer of the future will require a level of personalisation and insight that doesn’t currently exist in banking. But it’s coming – and we’re building the platform that will deliver it. Our PFM solutions use machine learning to offer tailored, actionable advice that guides customers to the financial future they envision – and creates long-term relationships.

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